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    The Blender Challenge began during Term 2 2016 at Rice University. The change from the traditional Crest Challenge came out of the banning of the fourth year act because of it's "unhygienic" nature and opportunity for disease. Therefore, we slightly altered this tradition and made it utterly sanitary. All of the fourth years in the term line up on stage, each with their food item, and begin down the line with the phrase "My name is _____, and I like to put _____ in my smoothies". As the blender cup progresses down the line each person says their piece and adds their ingredients to the cup. When the cup gets to the end of the line the lid is put on the blender and fully blended for drinking capabilities. This mixture is then presented to the fourth year person or persons who volunteered to drink the concoction beforehand. The only restraint presented to our new tradition is that all items must be edible food that does not include rotten dairy. The incoming fourth years of 2017 have accepted to continue the challenge.

Drinkers Of Blender Challenge

Rice University Term 2 2016


Emily Anthone performing the inaugural Blender Challenge