Cannon and Sentelle

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Otherwise known as the RC groups of Davidson 2011 Term II

These two dorms, located in Davidson, housed tipsters in 2011 because Belk's roof was being redone. The two buildings run parallel to each other, causing many "After-Dark-Window-Dance-Parties," and conversations with duct tape. The buildings each had four floors and a half-sized basement. Two RC groups lived on each floor, except for Sentelle's basement which only held Brandon's RC group and it's first floor which housed Chili's group and the office. Cannon's basement was the quarantine, but it was used only once for a mild case of pink eye, and stayed mostly empty.


First floor

First Cannon, home to Jacklyn's and Shamelle's RC groups, housed by far the busiest lounge. The first floor lounges of both buildings had the roomiest ones, but Sentelle's was the office, so everyone hung out in ours. It was home to many a poker game, and unfortunately, a lot of guys. On Sunday mornings, at least twenty people could be found dogpiled on the couch and foot rests and floor watching terrible MTV and TLC shows. On Jacklyn's side of the hall, laughs and bad Popsicle stick jokes abounded.

Second floor

Second floor Cannon was home to Jim and Sam's RC Groups. Even though this floor probably had the least visitors of any floor (except for stalkers from the floor below), it was definitely a good floor to live on. Instead of eating breakfast, many floor members would wait until 8:59 to go to class and sit in the lounge and watch 90s sitcom reruns because nothing better was on, unlike the floor below us who watched reality TV all the time. To outsiders, this floor seemed odd, but we had a great time, even if we were REALLY loud.

Third Floor

Home to LANEY and Taylor's RC groups. It was frequently visited by "guitar guys" of other floors. During the days preceding TIPsync, many guys were seen roaming the halls asking for dresses from the girls. It's also the best floor of the best building with one of the biggest TVs. It also has the most spiritual RC group which is Laney's RC! On Summerfest dress-up days, Laney RC was always the best... They have the spirit and we don't! Also, they had the best RC group nights and best last day (awake till midnight).All sort of emotions were on the 3rd floor of Cannon. Best RC, best floor. YEY LANEY! (and Taylor!)"It's also visited by Sam and Duncan because of their "tip crush" Laney! By the vote of Laney's super awesome perfect girls, Laney's "tip fake-date" to dance was Sam, who brought Laney a red rose and a piece of cake.


Fourth Floor

Home to Traven's and Duncan's RC groups. Most of the TIPsters from this floor were on 1st floor, as that was where the girls were.


Sentelle's staircases were way cooler than Cannon's, plus they had great acoustics which prompted jam sessions on the stairs. This dorm had been refurbished a short time before, so it was in better condition.

1st floor

This housed Chili's RC group and the main office. It was kind of a pain to the members of the Chili Peps, because people would be walking up and down the hall signing up for evening activity when they were trying to shower. In general though, not many people came to their hall, but they were still awesome. They often had notes posted to each other written on posterboard, and also wrote on their RC's whiteboard. They didn't have a lounge, which was very depressing, but sometimes they would go downstairs to watch Brandon's boys either (a) get punished by Brandon because someone swore or (b) throttle teach other over a game of poker. It was a pretty fun hall. They also won Tournament Day, and were part of the winning team in SummerFest.

2nd floor

This floor was home to Duncan and Caroline's groups. This group is known for their awesome performance at the TIPsync with the song, Stayin' Alive. The dance Noah Wilson created, I believe, was also seen in dances when the song was played. Duncans group was known for performing rolling in the deep. Their signature move was chase would roll under the other members (and eventually getting stepped on) while mo performed in the front. Mo was also responsible for pieing Chris in the face, and reciveng(but also delivering) injuries in a fight with jj

3rd floor

Home to Evan's and John's RC groups. This probably the most chill hall because, if you were on fire, John would just walk by, while it could be fun with Evan and his shenanigans. The TV is always playing Nickelodeon, Sports-center, and/or PBS(MEMORY INTERGRATOR, CYBER CHASE, SPONGEBOB etc.). This hall was visited frequently, and there were always crazy antics and/or a guitar/singing sesh going on. This floor was also the home to the songwriters of famous The Gala Song.

4th Floor

Fourth Sentelle was known for Anna and Sade's RC groups, liable to moan frequently about: the long walk up the stairs, unrequited hugs from the girls to Sade, bedtime with out stories, and lack of food, as well as the incredibly annoying and cocky 3rd floor boys, etc**. They were also a very musical floor, several of Anna and Sade's girls would meet up in room 411 and jam out while someone played guitar and/or sang. Huge Harry Potter fanatics, the floor would break out in frequent quotes and or british accents. Big Momma (Sade Alford) was also referenced frequently. Sade's group was the well known home to Ubin, Becca, and Kasey, who were frequently sent to bed early for their misdeeds/shenanigans. Big Momma's girls are also famous for having the very first TIP cussing jar, mostly due to Ubin's endless expletives. However, we all enjoyed her antics immensely. Haley lived on this floor and is known for her awesome self-made clothes and her outstanding performance of two original songs during the TIP talent show .

    • exerpt from one of sade's girls: this did not phase us at all when it came to spirit, we were by far the most well known and craziest group there was therefore making us the awesomest!!!!!! we love you big momma!!- <3 Leanna Moser


    • For Anna's Group:Box of Shame, Osama Bin Laden, etc..