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Evan (AKA Captain Fun) is an RC at Davidson, recognized for his spontaneous personality and random funny tirades. He has a relationTIP with the RC John, and that is the complete truth no matter how many annoyed glares John may give you. Evan produces music for fun and goes to NC State. Also, during Term 2 2011, Chalis's group, who won Tournament Day, chose "Buzzing Evan's head" as their prize. It was a unanimous vote, and these rockin' Chili Peps decided to make Evan's hair uneven and choppy on purpose while still keeping the bangs in front. Later he got it redone, but it looked more awesome before he got it redone.(Note: The "Chili Peps" were not "rockin".

Term 2 2011 3rd floor Sentelle. Possibly the best group ever, These fine young men had the most awesome floor and formed a heavy bond with John's RC group and the sister floor of 3rd Cannon. You could find this Rc group:

  • Jamming in the lounge
  • Chanting in the bathroom
  • Watching Cyberchase (owns all)
  • Owling for long periods of time
  • bowling with cans
  • having "Off-spray" wars (of which Jonathan from Johns group won)
  • Writing fake love notes on Evan's whiteboard
  • Invading and gracing the 4th floor girls with our presence

This RC group also won the Tipsync with a unique interpretive dance, ending with a romantic scene between Kobi and Clayton that involved a magnificent lift to Celine Dion's, "My heart will go on." This was then interupted by Evan himself, who mimed to a recording he did of his signature "No-PDA touchdown dance." They were awarded bread, but never received it. This matter is currently being purSUED in court. Fun fact! The performance from start to finish made Jim laugh the hardest he ever had. The group liked to watch PBS (usually Cyberchase) and interject certain words for words used in the show, as you can only imagine. So when Motherboard says something like, "All these 'Memory-Integrators' are overloading my system, hilarity ensued. They also liked to follow victims into the bathroom and chant, "DUMP! DUMP! DUMP!" or make loud animal noises. This was a 'guitarish' floor, and the common room was the scene of Tommy and Clayton's beautiful and misinterpreted The Gala Song. Playing games like ERS (it's 'screw', not 'slap'; trust me, I'm a doctor) and FUA! were also big. The women's world cup was oh so disappointing. :(

RC Group

  • Matthew Gregory -laughs for 30 minutes from chitty chitty bang bang
  • Sibo Wang -almost cried at the conclusion of the Woman's World Cup
  • Phillip Stephens -not Cooper
  • Spencer Chen -made a cloud of bug spray in his room
  • Zezhong Li -had a cool nickname
  • Kobi Johnson -wants to fight Mo (It's true, Mo)
  • Travis Mercer -goes all natural in front of the window
  • Clayton Delp- bathroom chant leader, The Gala Song co- writer
  • Nicolas Ortega -protective of his nook
  • Josh Cole -innovative with his alarm clock and guitar
  • Eric Cho -part of the "Slow-walkers"
  • Nick Berray -was deep in some philosophical thought probably