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John as a TIPster

John was a 4-year TIPster at ASU from 2005-2008. He was known for most of that time by the nickname "Angus," because he was a huge fan of the band AC/DC. His fourth year was the last year that ASU served as a four-year campus.

John as an RC

John is an RC at Davidson that is currently a sophomore at USC, recognized by his chill attitude and ability to not answer your question. He is in an alleged relationTip with Evan (RC) down the hall. Some say that they enjoy playing twister with each other while the TIPsters are not around. John enjoys playing guitar, listening to music,and sleeping (sleeping is his favorite acivity). He is an amazing ultimate frisbee player and claims that he is better at soccer than Sibo. John often refuses to participate in activites such as the 'Boom Chicka Boom' at dinner. John does not care if you contracted HIV, lost an arm, exploded, are on fire, and/or had you shirt off. Let it be known that John loves AC/DC.


It is rumored that... John actually answered one of Jacob's question. It is still very unlikely. John actually talks in complete sentences when around Evan. John was caught singing in front of Tommy. He actually sounded pretty good. John's bandana has super powers.(ITS CALLED A HEAD WRAPPP)

The John Diet

The John Diet was a diet that consisted of cereal and powerade that is meant to help the dieter to achieve complete "Chill Nirvana", which means the dieter will be half as chill as John. There have been reports about the Chill taking over the person's body and eventually turning them into a small seahorse. Consult your physician before you start this diet. This diet was created on the second week of TIP Term 2 2011 Davidson by Tommy Bui. His homie-g Kobi Johnson also joined him on this diet and together they helped spread the word about this diet. Today, the John Diet followers are eating away at cereal and powerade, hoping to achieve "Chill Nirvana".

RC Group 2011 Term II

Possibly the most chill group to ever exist. They formed a strong bond with fellow hallmates, Evan's RC group. Sharing the same activities with their brother group, they make 3rd floor Sentelle one of the best floors on the campus. While keeping the balance between bromance and sexual pleasure, John's RC group enjoys hanging out with 3rd Floor Canon and 4th Floor Sentelle. These are the only girl floors John's RC group really hangs out with. At first, John's RC group was not accepted at 4th Floor Sentelle, so they went to 3rd Floor Canon where they feel more accepted. Later, 4th Floor slowly accepted John's RC group. But at the end, Ubin, a bitch from the floor kicked Tommy Bui out because he was making love to one of the girls on the floor. Tommy does not recall who she is.


  • Jamming in the loung
  • Chanting in the bathroom
  • Watching Cyberchase and Spongebob (owns all)
  • Owling for long periods of time with Kobi from Evan's RC group
  • having "Off-spray" wars (of which Jonathan from Johns group won)
  • Trying to wake up John
  • Hip thrusting
  • Trying to learn how to play guitar (David)
  • Singing (Malcom and Toby)
  • Looking at the Industrial Chimney
  • Texting girls at night (Jacob)
  • Listening to AC/DC (John and Tommy)
  • Stripping in front of windows (Tommy)
  • Playing guitar in the stairs and bathroom
  • Wallometrics shared with Travis from Evan's RC group


  • Jacob Knaupp-stays up all night texting a girl on his phone
  • Gregor-remembers more digits in pi than the digits in the population of China and India combined
  • Toby-hits high notes like a sex panther
  • Bryce-forgot his lanyard in his room after a shower once while his room mate went to breakfast
  • Jonathan-needs to get better with girls, moves from Ballistic Knife to AK-47 Drum Mag Full-Auto in 5 seconds (Ask Sam fisher it's true.
  • Matthew-forgets everyting, according to Jonathan (You know it's true)
  • David Hua-he's Asian and dated a white girl. Nuff said. Jonathan hates him apparently.
  • Jack Briones-likes to get it on while watching Spongebob, Power Rangers, and Cyberchase.
  • Tommy Bui-enjoys hip thrusting and participating in the activity of stripping.
  • Sam Fisher-say "Peace Tea", "Strawberry Black", "Melon Lumps", or "Papaya Seeds" in front of him and see what happens. He's a rapist
  • Cooper
  • Malcolm Landrieu-he's white and he dated an Asian. Again, nuff said.

Davidson Term 2 2011 3rd floor Sentelle. The most Chill RC group in all of Davidson!