Traven (RC)

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AKA the most badass dude on earth. Traven was an RC at Davidson, Term II, best known for his insane opera skills and supreme amazingness at dancing. His RC group resided in 4th floor Cannon. He is also remembered for teaching a group of terrible dancers how to 'Party Hop' as an evening activity as well as forcing them to do Zumba for an hour, in which RC Sade assisted him. Dances included: The Wobble, Traven Teach Me How To Dougie, Move Your Body, Bring 'Em Out, Jerk, etc.


RC group 2011 Term II

  • Zen T
  • Adrian T
  • Neil G
  • Jacob S
  • Benjamin L
  • James C
  • Giancarlo B
  • Scooter K
  • Josh S
  • Tapas P
  • Matthew T
  • Jackson W