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Jim's RC Group

Jim was a counselor at Davidson in , , and . While slightly dorky looking, he managed to achieve minor celebrity status in term 2 2011 through a joint effort of his and Jacklyn's groups. He was the RHL in Cannon Dorm in 2011. Jim was best known for his screamo act at the 2010 and 2011 Talent Show, for organizing Summerfest, and for his group of boys from Term 2 2011 who would repeatedly chant his name for hours on end when walking to dinner, or going to an event. (They were annoying.) Jim was also the runner-up for Prom King in Term 2 2011, but lost to Evan. May or may not be secretly dating RC Jacklyn. His 2011 II RC group was brother group to Jacklyn's.

Term 1 2011

'The RC Group Nico L William S Sophian A Henry Laird D Austin D Jack Jack

Term 2 2011

Second floor Cannon
The RC Group

  • Joe Neely
  • Max Paris
  • Sean Meredith
  • Nico Coleman
  • Lawrence Cai
  • Michael Hu
  • Sam Peddicord
  • Steven Change. Architecture
  • Connor Corbett
  • David Flora
  • Evan Mackay
  • Josh Trujillo
  • Sloan Stephens

Term 2 2010

  • Jonathan Caicedo
  • Ahmad El Orra
  • Sehr Faltin
  • Josh Joo
  • Michael Li
  • Tanner Liddy
  • Chirag Manyapu
  • Parker Merritt
  • Evan Mertz
  • Kyung-Min Shin
  • Sparky Watts
  • Eric Yan