Trans-gender Cell Block Tango

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During the of East 1 2008 the Trans-gender Cell Block Tango was born. This was choreographed by Cat, and considered a risque success involving flying kicks off of chairs, tangoing and incredibly slutty performances by every guy in the production.

The guys wore mini-skirts and black tops (except Adam who made use of Charmee's pink tankini top) and the girls wore jeans and dress shirts.

took part in the Trans-gender Cell Block Tango, along with his compatriots fourth years Cara Weisman, Trevor Cross, Dylan Crouch, Emily Rose, Blake Montgomery, Nik Padinha (who took to being ill and couldn't perform),Smith Mathieu(who sub-ed in for Nik), Rachel VanDaalen, and third years , Charmee Mehta, and Joe Sharp.

Not surprisingly, it did not go over well, as the judges said "This is a contest, not a dance contest".

The crowning glory of the performance was the 30 second long high-speed chair dance by Adam, Trevor, and Blake. During practice, Cat almost launched herself out the window of 3rd-floor Basset Commons while showing the guys the original choreography while wearing socks (not a good idea while chair dancing). This choreography was scratched when it was deemed by Adam as "impossible for any human to possibly do." Cat protested that she could do it, to which Dylan replied "exactly," leading to more confusion about her true species. Cat was said to have become slightly stressed before the performance, and speed-ate three boxes of sugar cubes- and was promptly ill.