Sugar cubes

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Sugar cubes, first introduced to the TIPsy masses by Rachel VanDaalen, became a popular snack amongst the couchpilers. The sugar cubes (often simply referred to as 'cubes') came in boxes of 126, with each cube amounting to approximately 15 calories. Entire boxes are known to vanish within five minutes of a cubing-and-couchpiling session.

Since the original sugar cubes could not be purchased at the Union Store, TIPsters had to get all-natural sugar cubes at Whole Foods. However, these were not always in perfect cubular shape.

Aside from their use as couchpiling enhancers, sugar cubes are the focus of the sport of cube-cramming. This activity consists of competing to stuff the largest number of sugar cubes into one's mouth. The current record for cube-cramming stands at 22 cubes, and is held by either Dylan or Adam. Attempting to top this amount is not recommended.

Sugar cubes, Oreos, Fuze, and Couch Piling are known to complement each other perfectly.

During Term 1 '07, Cara Weisman bought multiple boxes of sugar cubes, which she stored in her room. She would bring them out for hall meetings, among other times, along with her roommate, Arielle's, Nutella. Arielle would often "steal" some of Cara's sugar cubes and sell them individually to other TIPsters.

During Term 1 '08, ate three boxes in one sitting during Trans-gender Cell Block Tango prectice, and was promptly ill, to the immense amusement of Adam, Cara, and Nik.