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Oreos, often associated with Couch Piling parties, have been an obsession for many TIPsters. These cookies, full of chocolate and sugar, were sold at the Union store, unlike sugar cubes. This provided a continual flow of Oreos. Both sugar cubes and Oreos produced extremely similar effects in TIPsters.

The rabid consumers of Oreos usually included couch pilers, such as Emily Rose, Martini Thomson, Hannah Wang, Smith Mathieu, Cara Weisman, Adam Wilson, Emily Tseng, Dylan Crouch, Trevor Cross, and Rachel VanDaalen. Fuze often accompanied Oreo consumption.

In Christina Song's RAG page in the East, Term 1 2006 termbook, Rachel VanDaalen was nominated most likely to invent a shiny Oreo and hoard them for the rest of her life. This may have begun from the fact that Emily Rose brought generic-brand Oreos that term.