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One at Taco Bell (often shortened to One) was a prize at Casino Day on Duke East and has existed since at least 1997. It was a prize, a CircleQuest prize, and is now a prize for Pentaforce. It is also a popular RAG night for fourth year guys at Duke West.

The One includes one of each item on the Taco Bell menu, both regular and "supremed", with the exception of combos and meals. One has gotten increasingly difficult to eat and increasingly more expensive as Taco Bell's menu constantly expands. While in 1998, One cost about $80, in 2007 it cost $108.60. As of 2010 in now costs over $150. In 2013 it costs slightly over $190.

At Term I of 1998, ONE was advertised while the RAGs were assembling to get their prizes in (roughly) the following way:

  • RC as Taco Bell worker: "Welcome to Taco Bell. May I take your order?"
  • RC as customer, in a rather ominous voice. "Yes. I would like ONE."
  • RC as Taco Bell Worker: "One what? One taco? One burrito? One Mexican Pizza? ..."
  • RC as customer: "ONE... of... everything"
  • Assembled TIPsters: *cheer*

This is also the preferred method of ordering.


One is a hard feat to perform, and generally a RAG must plan before attempting it. Some of the worst items include the potato burritos, potato tacos, cheesy potatoes and the Mexican pizzas (especially after the beans are cold and soggy). The red fruit punch is also particularly heinous.


Sam Prevatt's RAG won it each year he was a RC and the Trinity won the One while TIPsters.

In 2007, Term 2, Mike Sori's rag won One. The order was placed by Kevin wearing a black tee-shirt complete with a white circle with the word "ONE" inscribed, which had been provided by Anna Rowe Dennis. The RAG returned triumphantly to East that evening bearing, to the awe of the other TIPsters, Wendy's frosties. They proudly chanted, "Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea, WHAT?!" which continued to be a cheer for the rest of term, in addition to being symptoms suffered by a good portion of the RAG. Further, for the rest of term, other TIPsters could delight in offering a member of Mike Sori's RAG a taco. (Edit: "Nausea, heartburn, indigestion..." was actually one of the ridiculous cheers sported by Bassett at Quadfest that year. There were many, none of them made sense.)

At Term II West 2010, the ONE was completed by not one RAG, but two RAGs. On the final Monday, Sam's RAG of fourth year guys (plus Isabella Sanders) completed the ONE in 1 hour and 20 minutes. On the following Wednesday, Jeff's RAG (plus Jaclyn Boozalis) decided to try to beat Sam's RAG's time. They completed the ONE in 1 hour and 20 minutes as well. Jeff's RAG only completed the ONE in that amount of time because many members suicided, or put as much food in their mouth as possible so that food would count as eaten, and then throw up. However, it is also notable that they had accidentally ordered 4 more food items, effectively making the competition a tie.

At Term II East 2010, the ONE was also completed by two RAGs-John AKA Lil Tasty's RAG (the Phunky Bunch) and Emily's RAG. The ONE was completed in 32 minutes with a total of 25 people including the RCs. (Which is slightly less impressive than what the TiPsters from West did in 2010, because with less people it not only cuts down the time, but each person eating suffers through less stomach pain). This was done the last Wednesday of term, and the prize was chosen by the two RAGs after they won Legends of the Llama.

At Term II TAMU 2011 the Brocean completed it at Freebirds in 43 minutes. It was a lot more food than Taco Bell.

During Term II West 2011, Matt's RAG, a RAG of Fourth Year boys, completed the One in 26 minutes, and even ordered pizza afterwards. Not to be outdone, two other Fourth RAGs (Sarah Kate's and Jeremy's) joined forces and completed the One and a Half (one of every item on the Taco Bell menu, two of every taco) in 10 minutes and 33 seconds, and then ordered pizza AND cinnamon sticks.

At East Term II 2013, Dev and Rick's RAGs did the One in 9 minutes and 18 seconds. They all felt very bad afterwards.


Hey One, Not Uno, the super RAG composed of Luke and Amy's RAGs, won the One at Pentaforce Term I due to their stunning performance in the last-minute event of "Extreme World Capitals". Unfortunately, with quarantine still in full effect, the One was brought to an unnamed classroom to be split between enough people to make it less of a threat than a paltry dinner. Adding insult to injury (or excellence to relief, depending on your tastes), TIP funds were running low and the tipsters were only provided with around three-quarters of the menu. This is believed to be the only "Three-Quarters" to ever be completed. Unless you consider Three-Quarters completed by any RAG who completed the entire feat (they had to, at one point, have eaten three-quarters of teh food). Anywhere. Ever. Dr. Who was watched, and the episode freaked much of Amy's RAG out to general acclaim.

Term II faced similar concerns after TIPsters were refused permission to leave campus as a result of swine flu. As a result, the One instead consisted of one of everything at the campus cafeteria, including all the drinks with and without ice. It was tackled in a mere 34 minutes and 36 seconds by Peter Sloan's RAG. It is believed to be the only "Marketplace One" to ever be completed. Anywhere. Ever. ("Edit: The ONE dining hall edition was also attempted and completed by a handful of Term IIers at both breakfast and lunch th day immediately after the Phunky Bunch completed the ONE")