Hey One, Not Uno

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This was the most epic super RAG in the Pentaforce in 2009. These 3rd years made history by being the 2nd super RAG EVER to obtain all 5 pieces of the pentapiequintaquiche. [Edit: I would like to point out that at least 2 mega RAGs completed their quintaquiches in Pentaforce Term 2 2008, so this would make you the 3rd to complete! That's wrong you're wrong] They were the first super RAG in 2009 Term I to win. Another reason for their amazing-ness was their awesome name. It is said that Spencer created their name (after having many other names rejected).Many people did not understand what the team name meant, or why it was so incredibly stupid, but once they figured it out, (a few days after) it was epic. The "ONE" at Taco Bell was their choice of prize. Both RAG's shared it even though they could've chosen 2 prizes. The super RAG didn't get to go out and eat at Taco Bell due to the Quarantip but instead ordered it and ate it while watching Doctor Who in an unnamed classroom.

If you still don't understand the name, think about it. You will.

Members of the super RAG were from both Luke and Amy's RAG.

Luke's RAG

  • Cam
  • Jasper
  • Connor
  • Byron
  • Dylan
  • Ray
  • Billy Ray
  • Ash
  • Spencer
  • Daniel
  • John

Amy's RAG

  • Tambra
  • Marika
  • Cecily
  • Megan L.
  • Joyce
  • Sarah
  • Andi
  • Megan P.
  • Peri
  • Hannah