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A term used to describe the often unfair, and far too lengthy, quarantining of any TIPster who either had swine flu, or who coughed and might have had a slight fever. Quarantip can also apply to the event of the entire Duke East '09 Term 1 camp being quarantined from the outside world. Yes, that does mean that fourth years lost their privileges (although they were returned the last few days of camp), and that TIPsters on the morning run had to do laps around the quads, much to the amusement of all TIPsters too lazy to wake up early and exercise, lest they sneeze on an innocent passerby.

Also an East Campus Term 2 team name for Panda Force. This team consisted of Amrita's RAG and a guy RAG, both from Brown. This awesome team came in 4th place with 4 pieces of the pentapie/quintaquiche and 106 extra tickets, losing to the more awesome all-4th year team 4-Anger. They won a day in their honor, however this day was never executed due to the early closing of Term 2.

Also: At Davidson Term II, you were sent to QuaranTiP if you sneezed. AND, if you walked past a certain room in the basement too slowly, you would be pulled into its fiery depths to have your temperature taken.

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