Ryan Donaldson

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Ryan Donaldson was the 2015 Trinity instructor for Psychology. He is commonly shipped with his TA Aly Mann (Raly). Ryan is known to sniff preschoolers. However, he was a great instructor who taught us a lot of stuff.


  • Ryan has a crush on Emma Watson
  • He plays the saxophone
  • He hates cats
  • He is a vampire
  • He is also apparently Justin Bieber
  • He had his first kiss in 7th grade
  • Ryan is known for his horrible group counting skills
  • Everyone in first term has his number due to an incident which you can read about on Aly Mann's page
  • He is from Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • "It's not an odor, it's a fragrance."
  • "Fiddling with the equipment." (Ryan trying to say masturbation)

Ryan during first term of 2015, after being asked to prom by Josh: