Aly Mann

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Aly Mann was the 2015 Trinity TA for Psychology. She is known to challenge other classes to kickball (most notably Creative Writing) and is commonly shipped with the Psychology instructor Ryan Donaldson (Raly). Aly has the spirit of a dog that comes to the surface whenever she hiccups. She is a fan of the Amazing Randi who disproves psychics. Overall, Aly is a fun and energetic TA.


  • She gets the hiccups everyday
  • She once punched a hole through her bedroom door and covered it with a poster, and her mom didn't find out until years later
  • Her sister's name is Rachel
  • Her first kiss was in the 9th grade
  • She is fluent in Spanish
  • Her sister was a mayor
  • Her hair is naturally curly
  • During first term Aly posted a comment on Justin Bieber's Instagram saying that she had Justin's number, and put down Ryan's number. This ended with multiple phone calls and texts to Ryan in the middle of class, and with everyone in first term finding his number and spamming him.
  • She is a belieber


  • "NINETEEN!!!"
  • "*Hiccups*, stahp you guyz, *hiccups*."
  • "BE QUEIT!"