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In the United States, 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Given the prevalence of this disease, much attention and research has been focused on identifying causes and designing treatments to combat cancer. Examine the historical perspective on the biology of cancer as you explore the molecular biology and genetic changes that occur during cancer, including the six "hallmarks of cancer" as defined by Robert Weinberg. Discuss the role of genetics, oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes in the development of the disease. Debate the ethics surrounding genetic testing and cancer treatment. Research current articles and primary literature on cancer at the Duke University Library and participate in laboratory activities to illustrate concepts.

Offered: 8-10 - Duke University West Campus |source= [1] circa 2010


Term 2

Definitely, Without a Doubt, Indubitably better than Genetics!

Instructor: Charlotte TA: Ginger


  • Yuming
  • Andre
  • Soo
  • Andrew
  • Danielle
  • Brianna
  • Elise
  • Jesse
  • Laure
  • Aditya
  • Claire
  • Pum-Shick
  • Sherron
  • Joyce
  • Alison

Items of note

  • Singh/Fontes 2028
  • Cell, Cell, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • PCR- Who's your daddy?
  • "Pale skin means there's some kind of... peasant--working..."
  • Pocket sized Bible!
  • Kevin Jesse
  • Ginger's Life lesson: Check yourself before you wreck yourself
  • Cancer! Metastasize!
  • The "FRUIT"
  • Brown
  • Chemotherapy often consists of: salt, pepper, and Sprite


Term 2

Definitely, Without a Doubt, Indubitably better than Phylogenetic Systematics!

Instructor: Dr. Winn TA: Brandon Durant


  • Mark
  • Kelly
  • Katie
  • Stacey
  • Catherine
  • Eric
  • Mitchell
  • Sarah
  • Jasmine
  • Lauren
  • Kuber
  • Alexus
  • Abbey
  • Graham (James)


Term 1

Definitely, Without a Doubt, Indubitably the best class ever (better than Genetics)

Instructor: Dr. Breuer TA: Dom, Our Lord and Savior Guzzo

Tipsters (we're more like a family):

  • Annemarie
    • the smarticle, you're fabulous
  • Shruthi
      • facepalm* OHH
  • Lindsey (with an e, see I spelled it right)
    • NARWAL
    • plot twist: Lindsey can actually smell everything
  • Rachael
    • Baechael will happen
    • Best dressed everyday
  • Tomas
    • full of knowledge, and he isn't afraid to show it
  • Andrew
    • Definitely, Without a Doubt, Indubitably the best person in the c̶l̶a̶s̶s world
    • somehow makes a microscope out of a coffee cup. I don't even know man
    • addicted to caffeine
    • small notebook pages+gatorade for life
    • tapes coffee cup to desk for trash can
  • Winston
    • the life of the class
    • Hehehehe
    • Less enthusiastic Yaaasss but still very memorable
    • Best style #camopants
  • Stephanie
    • that laugh doe
    • frequent crier miles
  • JP
    • avidly pays attention in class . . .
  • Daniel
    • does not know the right way to play Jeopardy
    • Pro Frisbee player- keep it level
    • SAT essay was so good they now call it the Bible
    • Knows that going big in Jeopardy is the best way to play
  • Jamie
    • always has to pee. always.
    • MDM 2
  • Julia
    • plays every sport
    • yes
  • Grace
    • The crab and the pear drawing
  • Ting Ting
    • T squared bæ
    • Questions

Famous Quotes on Life

  • "Andrew is soooo awesome!!!! He's like, the coolest thug ever!!!"-Chuck Norris
  • "OMG I once knew Andrew!! He's amazing!!!" *squeal*-Andrew's many friends
  • ^^^ This is what happens when I ask Andrew to add some quotes

Consequence Die

dun dun DUNNNNN

  • 1. 120 seconds of wall sits with hands out
  • 2. Sing song of class choice
  • 3. Complements to the entire class, no repeats.
  • 4. Dom's Choice (the terror)(Victim: "NOOOO!! Anything but Dom's Choice!!! ANYTHING!!!...please... :'('")(Dom: MWAHAHAHAHA >:D'Bold text)
  • 5. Freebie/Roll again
  • 6. Hug a tree/light post and sing LOVE song


Term 1

Instructor: Dr. Bro (Dr.Vestal)

TA: Anna Dowling


  • Benjamin
  • Audrey
  • Chloe
  • Ellie
  • Cecilia
  • Richerd
  • Joseph
  • Abby
  • Hannah
  • Deeya
  • Michelle
  • Faith
  • Samantha
  • Emily

  • So there was this van.....
  • Shady Pharmacists
  • Faith is Lorde
  • Benjamin is going to need medical attention
  • Hippopotamus milk is pink
  • On wednesdays richard is a woman
  • Deeya is the prophet of the squirrels
  • The holy trinity: Joe Biden (the father), Justin Bieber (the son), and the Jonas Brothers (the holy spirit)
  • Joseph Chinese Hamster Ovaries
  • GMO unicorns
  • That's inapropro/disgusgus
  • Hannah and Richard are married
  • Deeya and Richard are divorced


  • Benjamin - Most likely to know random facts
  • Audrey - Most likely to pick a research topic with a ridiculous sounding name
  • Chloe - Most likely to endorse mountain dew
  • Ellie - Most likely to be shady
  • Cecilia - Most likely to be the mafia
  • RichErd - Most likely to (have many main chicks) "That's inapropro"
  • Joseph - "So there was this van..."
  • Abby - Most likely to go on tumblr
  • Hannah - Most likely to be pickled
  • Deeya - Most likely to give birth to a squirrel
  • Michelle - "Shut up, Joseph"
  • Faith - "She'll never be royal"
  • Samantha - Possibly likely to maybe be indecisive...sometimes
  • Emily - Least likely to grow
  • Anna & Dr. Vestal (Dr.Bro) - Most likely to color coordinate


Term 1

The most amazing, most beautiful class you've ever seen.

"what do you want to be when you grow up, sweetie?" "I want to be Helen"

"Cancer?" "Cancer."


  • Jimmie ~ most likely to wear the pants
  • Josh ~ most likely to be a good dad
  • Leaf ~ most likely to Trump the day with a bad political joke
  • Brandon ~ most likely to be an impressionable little girl
  • Neha ~
  • Rekha ~ most likely to fill a balloon with soup because why not
  • Ashley ~ your average chill fourth year, probably a vampire in disguise
  • Helen ~ Most likely to dab
  • Bella ~ Most likely to be brave
  • Jordyn ~ Is constantly stressed out
  • Steve ~ just STEVE. 'nuff said.
  • Will ~ most likely to abandon
  • Elliot ~ Most talkative
  • Yamini ~ most likely to get locked out of the dorms


  • Shruti
  • TA Marnie ~ she almost started a revolution against Shruti but she didn't

We made a pedigree of our class with Shruti and Marnie as the first generation. Marnie had Ashley, Leaf, and Josh. Shruti had Jimmie and Neha. (Notice how the second generation is all fourth years.) Jimmie and Josh had identical twin girls Brandon and Bella as well as Elliot and Helen. Bella and Will had identical twin girls Jordyn and Yamini as well as Steve and Rekha. (Notice how the fourth generation is all second years, the youngest at Duke West.)


Term 1

We are cancer. (Wayyyyyyy better than Anatomy and Neuroscience. Like way way way better.)

    • Micheal is straight
    • Kelsey
    • Gabby
    • Fareen
    • Kiki (kiwi)
    • Gregory says amazing things.
    • Elaina
    • Avital is on the floor.
    • Katherine is the best mom.
    • Winnie
    • Carrie
    • Ryan
    • Chris (thinks benign tumors are harmless)
    • Anna
    • Instructor: Dr. Butt ( see The famous quotes of Dr. Butt [2] )
    • TA: Maci Sepp keeps thing TiPropriate

Kiwi the bird

Krusty Krab is unfair Mr. Krabs is in there Standin' at the concession Plottin' our oppression



"that's racist!!"

Ethnic fish: Quiche, Brad, Jieun

N to the A to the S-I-R

"Elsa was a B!)"


Stop targeting me!

Chris has a screwdriver set. Manly!

UPDATE: Michael is not asking Nasir to the dance