Dom, Our Lord and Savior

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About Dom

Dom(scientific name: Dominic Guzzo), our lord and savior, was the TA of Biology Of Cancer term 1, 2k14. He is an expert in croaking/velociraptor noises, many many different accents and sounds in general and is friend of thomas. He likes Ed Sheeran Pandora radio and the ladies. He's incredibly sassy and is very loved by his kittens. Dom is the bæ and his Term 1 class loves him so much. This majestic creature is often seen roaming the halls of Kilgo. If you are lucky enough to meet him, his magical touch will stay with you for the rest of your days. Also is master jeopardy creator.

WARNING: Anyone who finds out Dom's Snapchat must immediately report it to one of the Biology of Cancer Students!!! WARNING


Not much is known about the Dom's past. This species is frequently found in Florida at the University of Florida. The Dom is usually found wearing a wetsuit. His species is also very fond of scuba diving and shall take the Biology of Cancer class along with him. The Dom has Hispanic and Italian lineage. This species has often been sighted watching World Cup games. In his free time, Dom has been known to terrorize Andrew, a rare and exotic species of coffee bean.


  • Spikeball
  • Hammer throws in Frisbee
  • Scuba diving
  • Being the sassiest creature alive
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • Animal Noise count off
  • Smoothies from the Café
  • Getting emotional
  • Polymerase gifs
  • Andrew's inventions
  • Dr. D's teaching style
  • JP avidly paying attention in class
  • Scuba diving
  • Sleeping

Memorable quotes

  • "Ooo that feeling of peeing in a wetsuit while scuba diving is Amazing!!"
  • "I have to poop so bad"
  • "He's like 35"
  • "*strange and unnatural noises heard during class*"
  • "Vamos a la playa!"
  • "WHO are you?"
  • "Seriously?"
  • Dom being Dom
  • "sassy comeback"
  • "GURL"
  • "ROLL THE DIE!! >:("
  • "This finger hickamajiggy rotates 60 degrees"
  • "Daniel, keep the frisbee level. I SAID KEEP IT LEVEL!!"*thunk* *OWW!!* *facepalm*

What his favorite students say about him

  • "Dom is amazing. We love him"-Bio of Cancer class 2014 Term I
  • "WAAAHHHHHHHHH :'("-Stephanie Zhao
  • "What's LTR stand for?"-JP
  • "YEEEEEE!"- Grace
  • "*Whichever question Ting Ting asks*"