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Thomas Weidman is a majestic creature who currently resides at Duke West, as the TA for psychology of decision making in Duke West 2014 Term 1. (He was also the TA for Microeconomics at Duke East Term 2 2014.)He also looks like the guy from the movie "Boyhood" (look it up).


Physical Description of Thomas Our Lord and Savior

Thomas, as he is most commonly known, can be described as looking like a "pissed-off Jesus." His face rarely shows any sign of emotion, other than the general and constant loathing of his class as a whole. His mustache and goatee are as majestic as the elk grazing through the African Savana, and flow with the smoothness of silk. Anyone who has ever met Thomas will never forget him. Ever.

Nicknames of Thomas

  • Pissed-off Jesus
  • [Abby voice] Thoooooooommmas
  • The Majestic One
  • Based Thomas
  • [Addison voice] Homer
  • Theon Greyjoy
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    • Thomas the Dank Engine
    • Thomas the Skank Engine
    • The sassy tank engine
  • Bae

History and family lineage

Not much is currently known about this incredible creature. His past is a mystery to all, though many speculate what his life outside of TiP might be like. He is the firstborn son of Abby, and the brother of Frank. He is suspected to be part goat.

Fun Facts about Thomas

Here pictures Thomas in his panda hat while smiling. Such an event has yet to be recorded since.
  • He's much better than your TA, whoever they are.
  • Thomas
  • Thomas
  • He is an avid music fan, especially of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "The Heist."
  • Honestly, he is the sassiest creature alive.
  • Thomas
  • Thomas
  • He owns a panda hat.
  • Thomas
  • His voice is deeper than some lakes, probably.
  • He is the most majestic man you will ever have the pleasure of meeting on your life.
  • He hates Thursdays.
  • Thomas
  • He plays LoL.
  • He lives next to the laundry room. Often gets pissed off by loud children in the weekends. (P006 to be exact)
  • He wrote a German Poem about a blind girl in college
  • Thomas
  • Thomas
  • He knows some funny stories about Loki in Norse Mythology.
  • He always smiles when he is not in class.
  • His middle name is "Ryan".

Quotith the Thomas (or people talking about him)

  • "hes aggressively uncaring"- Gene
  • "what, why are there so many typos in there?"- Thomas, on the topic of of this page
  • "that's it, there's a typo in the article, I'm quitting economics"
  • "He's actually a pretty cool guy, and very knowledgeable in his field. 10/10." - Jordan
  • "Plants are my friends"
  • "Addison... no."
  • "Why does he abuse the plants so"- Laura, on Thomas high-fiving plants
  • Thomas: *after a long hesitation* "I would have to say Josh is hotter than Adrian(or however you spell his name)."
  • Josh: "He is just saying that because I have to rate him." *laughs*
  • "Five benefit per cow"
  • "Can I be your roommate? " ... "No." *sad face*
  • "Can I touch your beard?" - Addison
  • "Your very mysterious" - Justin
  • "Achoo, choo, choo, choo. Here come's Thomas! Where is Max?" - Nathan and Jesse

Assumed facts about Thomas

  • He likes math/economics
  • He hates(hated, I should say.) his class (2014 Term 1 Duke West)
  • He likes real-person questions
  • He likes to take off his shoes.
  • He thinks Josh is hotter than Adrian
  • He has much knowledge about the math science, yet no knowledge of the plants
  • He plans on shaving his beard QQ


  • Currently he can be found on Facebook, despite him being inactive since 2011. He can also be found in League of Legends under the summoner name 422TrumP
  • His summoner name can be found at LOLKING