Baby TIPsters

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Little Richard, Baby TiPster from West Term II 2010

Baby TIPsters do exist.

It is uncommon, but when a genius kid skips several grades (as is common with geniuses) and then attend TiP, this genius kid is known as a Baby TIPster. The only 5 recorded baby TiPsters were this girl from East Term I 2009, this one Indian kid, adorable Little Richard from West Term II 2010, Reid Mansur and Maya Fallows from Austin College 2013 Term 2, all twelve years old.

There was also a baby TIPster at the Duke Institute in 2010, named Pryce. Pryce was small and huggable. Everyone loved Pryce. and in 2016 named Curtis in term 2

Though never explicitly referred to as a Baby TIPster, John Francis is thought to have celebrated his 12th birthday shortly before coming to Duke East for Term 1 2011. (According to Facebook, his birthday is October 29--doesn't say the year. But that means it wasn't shortly before TiP.)

Additionally, Edward the 11 year-old from Davidson Term I 2009 and possibly Kevin from Duke East Term I 2012

Also, Carrington, who was 12 when she went to Davidson Term II 2012, thus making her a first-year second-year.

Possibly Magnolia Mulling, who attended Trinity Term I 2018.