The Ninjas

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The Ninjas were Ryan C's (Wookie) RC Group during the 2014 2nd Term at Trinity University. T shirts were not good enough for them so they became the Ninjas after Wacky Day of Spirit Week and did Mortal Kombat for TiPSync.

The Name

Ryan C's RC group did not have an official name until Wednesday of Spirit Week. Prior to that, they were suggested to be the T shirts after the name tags on their doors. The name changed on Wednesday of Spirit Week to the Ninjas after the whole group wore ninja masks made from t shirts to dinner. This was further reinforced after their team for the scavenger hunt was called the Ninjas.

The TiPsters

The RC Group Consisted of 12 Members:

  • Ethan (All that and a bag of chips)
  • Jerry (The Joker)
  • Yorick (Slowman)
  • Alvin (Alvini)
  • Kyler (Tulsa boy or ESKIMOOOOOOO)
  • Matthew (Lead singer)
  • Lewis (League of Lewis)
  • Varun (The Maroon Satchel)
  • Stanley (Johnny Cage)
  • Arvind (Arvini)
  • Kristof (Bookworm)
  • Justin (EagleFlamez)

Notable Inside Jokes

  • Eskimo
  • Jerry and His Bad Puns
  • The Varun
  • Fountain Run
  • League of Lewis