Matthew Easterling

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Matthew Easterling
Campus(es) Wake Forest, West
Attended 2014 (Term 2), 2015 (Term 2), 2016 (Term 1), 2017 (Term 1)
Course(s) Literature Law & Logic, Programming for Robotics, Programming for Video Games, Ethics in Science Fiction
RAG(s) Scott's RAG, Eric's RAG, Kevin's RAG, Ike's RAG
Roommate(s) Jonathan Cox, Justin Niu, Manny Lumpas(both third and fourth year)
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Wake Forest Term II 2014

Was a part of Scott's RAG and won TIPsync with a Let it Go/Rickroll combo (which he edited together). That's probably the only notable thing he did during first year.

West Term II 2015

Broke his arm by rolling out of bed the morning after Eric said "Don't fall out of bed and break your arm." In general was known only for breaking his arm. Buckle fracture of arm occurred after alarm went off and was extremely loud. He attempted to not wake up the entire hall and fell out of bed as a result. It should be noted that nobody except him and his roommate Justin were woken up by the satanic screeching alarm. He also captained Team You Just Lost the Game. It should be noted that at the last dance he started delivering Wilson Hobbs cat facts in person, and all attempts to deter him failed.

West Term I 2016

Was a part of VGP. Through the class he met Mads and Michael. At the end of the second week, he met the rest of WNAM through Mads and Michael, and he somehow became a part of it after TIP.

West Term I 2017