Team You Just Lost the Game

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The team logo.

Team You Just Lost the Game was an Ultimate Frisbee team founded at Duke West term 2, 2015 comprised only of second years, captained by The Castaway. Predictably, they lost in their first game against The Team Team 7-1. They scored a point against The Team Team. Perhaps this oddball team made a small blow that ultimately toppled the mighty giant of The Team Team.



  • Matthew Easterling (The cast kid)- Captain
  • Trevor Wong- CoCaptain
  • Justin Niu
  • Andrew Sasser
  • Winston Lam
  • Winnie Lu
  • Missy Hill- MVP
  • Ben Heatherington
  • James Taylor
  • Kevin Kwon
  • Sam Miller
  • Johnathan Shoemaker
  • Felix Wang

Team Strengths

  • Matthew- breaking his bones
  • Trevor- hacking the nonexistent scoreboard
  • Justin- flailing arms
  • Andrew- Bringing up Arm-Fall-Off-Boy
  • Winston- losing the game
  • Winnie- warming the air bench
  • Missy- being the MLG pro
  • Ben- being less than average at throwing
  • James- being polite
  • Kevin- being tall
  • Sam- superspeed
  • Johnathan- Shoekinesis
  • Felix- syntax error

Secret Advertisers

The team logo has been advertised in many different places by many different people, supposedly to show support for the team. These include:

  • The back of the $1 bill
  • The top of the Pharoh's Fury ride
  • The illuminati conspiracy
  • The Master of Disguise
  • National Treasure
  • Ariana Grande (Unknown Chach) in a secret video
  • Gravity Falls
  • The top of the Washington Monument
  • The Pyramids of Giza
  • Every triangle and pyramid ever...