Wilson Hobbs

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Wilson Hobbs
Campus(es) Georgia Tech, Duke West
Attended Term II 2014, Term II 2015
Course(s) Green Tech, Electrical Engineering
RAG(s) Josh's Rag, TimRag
Roommate(s) Shane, Lucas
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About Wilson

Wilson Hobbs, AKA Volleyball, is a well-known student of Duke TIP West Term II. He participates in the Electrical Engineering class. He is known for his exceptionally loud voice, which can be recognized and heard by anyone in GG house. He is infamous for his strong conservative views and has been known to make comments that hurt the feelings of others. A member of TimRag, he is recognized by many as a speaker for the group following his moving speech preceding Tim's Rag's hot third-place-winning performance of SandRoll at TiPSync.


  • "We are Tim's Rag, also known as Tim's Rag"
  • "We love you Tim!"
  • "I'm a believer in traditional marriage."
  • "Wow! Really!?." (Sarcasm often accompanied by a mocking tilt of the head and contortion of the face to incite the maximum amount of fury in the receiver)
  • "What's misogyny?"