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This is the story of Tim Rag. You may call us: Tim Rag. We are collectively known as T-Money.

The phenomenon known as Tim's Rag can not be described in the 3 dimensions. They are a RAG comprised of 3rd years at West Term 2, 2015 and are led by the great Tim. A variety of events has lead to it's great popularity as well as its infamy at West Term 2, 2015. Beginning the first night with the constant shouting of "We love you, Tim", the RAG had increased knowledge with the infamous Sandstorm/Rick Roll TIPSync, a.k.a. SandRoll. After receiving 3rd place, the RAG chose the theme for the second week's dance, which was "BlackoutTimRave". The tagline for BlackoutTimRave was "If you do not own dark clothing, if you have epilepsy, or you do not love Tim, do not show up". The turnout of the dance is yet to be discovered.

The RAG also has some unique personal events, including The Rejection and Max+Sarah. The Rejection was when RAG Members Wilson Hobbs and Max Rosenzweig asked Tim to the dance, only to be rejected. Max+Sarah involved Max Rosenzweig, aforementioned, asking RC Sarah to the dance three consecutive times. He was rejected twice, once at the hand of his TA, JuiceGod Joel. The results of the third request are to be determined after he actually asks Sarah the third time. UPDATE: Max decided not to ask Sarah to the third dance, leaving the entirety of TimRag and in despair for his cowardice.

Copy/Paste was reincarnated at the hand of Wilson. Evil Prakul is evil for his endless pranking.

The Rag is also famous for one of its members, JuiceGod Jr.. He and JuiceGod Joel were the bestest of friends forever and ever and caused many hilarious incidents, including Wilson Hobbs' Cat Facts.

One of the things TimRag is known for is their disgust for Ted, who ruined BlackoutTimRayve for the masses, especially Ryan's Rag, and, of course, TimRag.



Tim Rag


The Timspiration


  • Max (a.k.a. Princess Sebastian)
  • JuiceGod Jr. (Thomas) (a.k.a. Fakin' Bacon)
  • Andrew
  • George
  • Lucas (a.k.a. LuLu)
  • Lewis
  • Isaac (a.k.a. Bob Marley, Jr.)
  • Rajeev (a.k.a. Lil' Sebastian)
  • Armaan (a.k.a. Armaan Hammer)
  • Wilson Hobbs (a.k.a. Volleyball)
  • Peter (a.k.a. Charlotte)
  • Prakul (a.k.a. Parkoul)
  • Darian (a.k.a. Peaches)
  • Robert (a.k.a. Sholtergeist)


  • "Hello. We are Tim Rag. You may call us... Tim Rag." - Wilson Hobbs, TipSync
  • "Tim, will you go to the dance with us?" - Wilson and Max, Dinner
  • Tim: "First things first" All: "I'm the realest!" - TimRag
  • "You dropped your pocket." - Rajeev, all the time
  • "Shut up, Isaac." - Also Rajeev, all the time
  • "It's not you, it's not me. It's league" - Isaac to all females
  • "Fuck you Isaac." - Wilson and Rajeev
  • "Fuck." - Tim