JuiceGod Jr.

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JuiceGod Jr.
Campus(es) Duke West
Attended Term II 2015
Course(s) Electrical Engineering
RAG(s) TimRag
Roommate(s) Prakul the Prankster
Social Media


The Jr. JuiceGod, best friends with and the apprentice of the most famous JuiceGod Joel, is a member of Tim's Rag. His real name is Thomas, but we do not speak it. Known as "the life of the party", he is the craziest at the dance, characterized by wild head waving and sticking out his tongue or headbanging at inappropriate times or songs. Also known for The Grinding Incident, he is famed for his rad moves, rivaled only by the JuiceGod himself. The inventor of the JuiceGod (Dance), he was a vital part of the Electrical Engineering class and was the cause of many shenanigans, including the possibility of his involvement in Wilson Hobbs's Cat Facts.

He is also the creator of and a major contributor to the Wilson Hobbs page alongside his mentor.


  • JuiceGod Joel is above all
  • Friends with like everyone, rivaled only by the revered ladies man Lucas, who also happens to be the roommate of Wilson Hobbs
  • Rivaled by Wilson Hobbs (Parody) they only became friends on the final day.


  • Alongside Tim, the God among men, he was the Oracle in the story of The Brown Hole and the owner of the infamous quarter.


-"Let's do the JuiceGod!"

-"You can have this Arizona for 5 bucks."

-"Shut up Wilson."

-"I can't breathe."