JuiceGod Joel

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JuiceGod Joel
Campus(es) West
Attended 2015
Course(s) Electrical Engineering
RAG(s) Boom Squad
Roommate(s) His right and left hands, every female staff member
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About Joel

Joel "The Juice God Joel" Luther is obviously known as the best TA ever to Grace TIP with his presence. Constantly cracks jokes with his Electrical Engineering class about women and beards, and is an honorary member of the Boom Squad and Honorary 4th Year Staff. He is a quality Smash player, is quite a fan of the Metriod Prime series, and is known to be disappointed in Nintendo's E3 showing for successfully making a game worse than Metriod: Other M.

The Juice God emerged victorious in the famed JuiceOff.

Term II 2015

During Term II, he became best friends with one of his students, Thomas Cope. Thomas was bestowed upon him the title of JuiceGod Jr. by the god. The inseparable pair are usually seen talking with Nathan or throwing shade. During the epic savagery of The Roast, the God bestowed much savagery upon members of the class.

Joel was given the opportunity to join TimRag, a pathetic excuse for a Rag consisting of Tim and his lackeys. The Juice God declined the invitation, not wishing to trivialize his standing as Honorary 4th Year Staff and a key member of the Boom Squad by stooping to the level of some insolent third-years.

On July 17, 2015, Joel infamously noted that he strongly preferred Term 1 students over Term 2 students. Some Term 2 students were insulted, and for that reason, attempted to revoke the JuiceGod's title. Unfortunately for them, the JuiceGod remains the JuiceGod, for it is not simply some title bestowed upon him by mere mortals, but is in fact the linguistic embodiment of the truth of his supernatural abilities to get juice.

Joel is also a major contributor to the Wilson Hobbs page, under the alias PinkiePie.