Honorary 4th Year Staff

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This page is dedicated to those members of the TIP staff who were just so chill and who were so cool with their TIPsters it was is if they were one of us to begin with.


Duke West 2015 Term One

  • The Devil's Trifecta
    The name given to the chillest staff on campus. To have these three staff members was the greatest blessing one could receive that term because, as Kevin Bowerman once said, "Dude, all my authority figures are college kids." Students who were blessed in this way, as members of the Boom Squad and Electrical Engineering, were Kevin Bowerman, James "Stillman" Hanson, Will Smith, and Jack Maxfield.
    • Richard "The Cannon" Cannon
      The chillest RC ever and leader of the Boom Squad. Cannon gave as few shits as is humanly possible as to wether or not the rules were followed. Historic acts of not giving a shit include: encouraging the shouting of "boom" at night, and "Y'all broke the rules. You know what that means... Snacks!" And nonverbally complimenting a student's game when there was a girl in his dorm.
    • Good Cop and Best Friend Cop
      The dynamic duo of The Juice God Joel and Fratboi Foxxx, TA and Instructor for Electrical Engineering. Friends who both graduated from Duke in 2015, they had originally planned for a "Good Cop, Bad Cop" routine, which quickly fell apart after they realized how chill their students were, even though they had prepared themselves for our amazingness by reading the TIPwiki before hand. The relationship with tipsters became more like, "Good Cop, Bestfriend Cop," in the words of the Fratboi, with the Juicegod being the bestfriend cop. Both are known for cracking jokes in class about the happenings of the term, and just generally being bros.
      • Joel "The Juice God Joel" Luther
        Though some TAs did attend the dances, the Juice God was the only one dancing among and with the students. The Juice God was also known to attend evening activities with his students and members of the Boom Squad. The Juice God also participated in joking about the happenings of the term to a greater degree than the Fratboi.
      • Brett "Fratboi Foxxx" Fox
        As the term's resident Fratboi, we had much to learn from him about college life. The Fratboi was the only instructor who was consistently at the sporting evening activities and dances.