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The legendary juice competition between The Juice God Joel and E-Money on the second Sunday of Term 1 2015. The competition had two legs: in the first, both parties attempted to get as much juice out of two oranges as they could manage, and in the second they had to drink their juice as quickly as possible.

As would be expected of a deity of his stature, The Juice God emerged victorious.


  • The Juice God Joel
    • In the first leg, the Juice God tore the oranges in half with his bare hands, and squeezed his juice into a bowl.
    • In the second leg, the Juice God put his face in the bowl Jello-Snarfle style and slurped it all up.
  • E-Money
    • In the first leg, E-Money employed the same methods as the Juice God.
    • In the second leg, E-Money carefully removed the seeds from his juice before drinking it.