The Brown Hole

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Once there was only Tim. Then, Juice God Joel said, "Let there be Brown Hole." They lived in peace and harmony until The Quarter was dropped into the Brown Hole. Chaos and battles ensued. Finally, The Brown Hole weakened Tim enough to finish him off. Suddenly, The Juice God Joel appeared and yelled, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" A beam of light shot out of a cloud and penetrated The Brown Hole. The Brown Hole imploded into a giant cloud of gas taking Tim down with it.

Hundreds of centuries later, Tim was reincarnated, for Tim cannot be destroyed or harmed because he is Tim. Tim prepared for The Awakening and created Tim Rag. On July 16th, 2015, surrounded by a pentagram, Tim said "COME TO ME BROWN HOLE, IN THE FORM OF PLUMBER'S BUTT ON AN RC! APPEAR FOR ME AT LUNCH." The pentagram glowed ominously. Tim knew that the deed was done and walked out of the women's restroom in the cafeteria. The Brown Hole manifested into the mortal RC with the Plumber's Butt and yelled out its battle cry.

The mortal cried out in pain and bent over. Tim and The Oracle JuiceGod Jr. rolled out and inserted The Quarter into The Brown Hole. As soon as the cold, hard metal touched The Brown Hole, The Mortal screamed in agony and let out a huge fart, expelling The Brown Hole from the Mortal for Tim and The Oracle to destroy. Tim let out a huge beam of light and penetrated The Brown Hole to destruction once again, but this time Tim succeeded in his quest to vanquish The Brown Hole. Tim has saved the world and will grace Duke TIP with his presence for eternity.