JuiceGod (Dance)

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The JuiceGod is a dance invented by the one and only JuiceGod Jr., inspired by JuiceGod Joel's rad dance moves. It looks swag with literally any song.


The JuiceGod is done by:

1. Making both your hands into finger gun shapes (the kind where your index finger and middle finger make up the barrel and your thumb is sticking up). 2. Bouncing from your left leg to your right leg and then back to your left leg, lifting your knees up high and slightly to the side. 3. When bouncing on one leg, look slightly upwards and point your finger guns to the sky. 4. Then, bounce to the next leg, swiveling the guns in so that they face toward the ground. 5. REPEAT AS NECESSARY

  • note: The maximum effect is achieved if you are synchronized with the people around you.


-The Double JuiceGod: Better used with slower songs, the only difference between this variation an the original dance is that two relatively quick bounces are made on each leg before switching to the next. Look around you to see how other people are doing it and determine if it is the appropriate time to use this variation.