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Giacomo Riva, born in Italy, was the TA for the Criminal Minds class at Duke East term 2, 2017, the Ethics in Science Fiction class at Rice Term 1, 2017, and the class at the University of Georgia in 2018 and 2019 (as co-Instructor). He was also the TA for Mock Trial at Wake Forest term 1, 2019. A cool dude.


  • "Get to your TA'S*
  • "Today is the last day so I don't not care"
  • "I hope you're happy that you broke Giacomo."
  • "I want to die."
  • "I wish I was dead."
  • "I am done with my life."
  • "I am not payed enough."
  • "Ladies, you need to learn that life only gets worse."
  • "People, listen."
  • "Don't use my image."
  • (Claps sarcastically at tucker)
  • "It's the end of the day. Let's everybody have fun."
  • (Plays hello darkness my old friend) "Don't ruin that"
  • "Watch this video" (shows brittany spears - toxic - shittyfluted)
  • (Plays my heart will go on recorder by candelight) "This is a masterpiece"
  • (at Claire) "How dare you online shop right next to a TA. Do not do it again. Shame."
  • "Stop. It's slender time."
  • "Santa is real."
  • "I'm a good god right now."
  • "If you read the 9 pages in 30 minutes, you are free to do the fanculo you want.
  • "I can't walk into goodwill or else I will have a panic attack because the place is so cheap."
  • "Dyoude."
  • "If you're dying, you need to consult with the person next to you."
  • "I ship them."
  • "Did they kiss?"
  • "Cray cray."
  • "Claire, stop thinking about the god**mn shirt size."
  • "Read first, then we can fanculo around."
  • "Beyonce has let me down."
  • "You have meds to take? Jesus take the wheel."
  • "Everybody but Claire looks good in the class picture."
  • "Which of you human beings is going to sign into your netflix for the goodness of the class?"
  • "I don't want to see the lgbtq movie section because I always cry."
  • "Oh no! You're artsy! Like 3/4 of the girls out there!"
  • "Oh my. I can't wait."
  • "No sh*t sherlock."
  • "In my greatness, I am allowing you to do makeup."
  • "Don't run. 'Cause you fall and die."
  • "Hey, kiddo."
  • Giacomo: (snaps)
    Sophie: "I don't know what they do in Italy but snapping at people in America is the rudest thing ever."
  • "People! Human beings!"
  • (at tucker) "I have to listen to you all day. You can listen to them singing."
  • "Young stalin was hot."
  • "Fuck off"
  • "C'mon Giacomo stop cursing"
  • "I disown you"
  • "I disown you all"
  • "Yes I know what a twink is! (answering to Lance Kraft's question about One Direction)"
  • "Shut up and Dance with me!"
  • "it's your First dance with me as your mother"
  • (to “Megan”) “Piggybacks lead to broken heads and lawsuits”
  • "I need a beer."
  • (during the dance) "All of these songs are sh*tty."
  • "If you're bad at dancing, the only time you should dance is if you and the people around you are so drunk they will not notice."
  • (giggles to himself in the corner)
  • (cries in the corner while watching Hercules)
  • Gavin: "Giacomo, can I give you a kiss?"
    Giacomo: "Abso-fucking-lutely not."
  • "Shame and dishonor on you, on your family, and on your cow."
  • Malik: "I have a bandaid on my knee, I need the medical car."
    Giacomo: "I'll break both your legs and then you'll need the medical car."
  • Annaleah: "Giacomo, are you a gamer?"
    Giacomo: "Of course I'm a gay man!"
  • "That was a waste of a bruh moment."
  • "You can die Garrett. Not because I want that, but because the nurse is not answering."
  • "You get chlamydia, you die."
  • "Love is forbidden because love brings babies."
  • "I've reached the point of desperation where I want to hang out with tipsters."
  • "Boys are stupid."
  • "I love karaoke, but I'm kinda too sober right now."
  • Garrett: "If I climb the stairs I'll die."
    Giacomo: "Stay here and die."
  • "Cannibalism isn't kosher."
  • "Dolphins are just the bisexual stoners of the ocean."