Corn Baby

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Corn Baby

Corn Baby is the infamous (fake) (or is it?) fetal skeleton that lived in the Duke West Forensic Anthropology classroom in 2014. As he was a fetal skeleton, his disproportionate body gave off an aura of horra (ha). His cranium, unfortunately, was not attached to the rest of his body, leaving it able to swing around Atlas and sometimes even just fling off. Because of this, one could sit in the classroom holding Corn Baby with his head facing out but his body facing towards the cohort. This in particular was terrifying.

Despite Corn Baby's creepiness, he was beloved by all in an ironic-but-also-really-not-that-ironic sense. The forensic anthropology class even had pins made with his face on them.

Sarah Mclean (who has the honor of having the same last name is the writer of American Pie, Don McLean) took a noticeable interest in Corn Baby. She was the offical-unofficial mother of Corn Baby and most of her topics of discussion in class were centered around her love and affection for Corn Baby.

Watch out. Corn Baby is watching.