Sam Park

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Sam Park
Sam awkwardly standing in a Tank Top and Booty Shorts
Campus(es) KU, UGA
Attended 2008-2011
Course(s) Civil Law, Criminal Law, Pharmacology, The Brain
RAG(s) J.D., Colin, Matt, Geoff Toy
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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This is Sam Park.

The legendary Tipster of Mind-Cussing EPIC proportions.

Known to sing and dance to Party in the U.S.A. wearing nothing but booty shorts and tank tops for talent shows, dance to the Thriller (the michael Jackson version), and sing his own renditions of Friday infused with the love of TiP for Talent shows.

His Lip-Syncs were known to be one of the best, and the same could be said about his dance moves at the dances. He was in a relationTIP with the beautiful during his fourth year. He is best known for the "fortune brownie" which he adorably asked Emily to TIProm with! Everyone would know his name, and he would only be able to remember barely any names, mainly because his problem with remembering names were so horrible unless you were a friend on Facebook.

He is also the owner of 10 nerf guns, which have been notorious at shooting zombies at Humans Vs Zombies.

Sam's Playlist

Sam loved to sing a plethora of songs, here is a list of strange, annoying, random, or plain awesome songs that Sam sings:

  • Friday (Rebecca Black)
  • Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
  • Baby (Justin Bieber)
  • Tik Tok (Ke$ha)
  • Always (Erasure)
  • My Little Pony theme song
  • Every Taylor Swift song ever

Sam's Bad Bromance(Platonically)

Sam was in a Bad Bromance with Bora Gunay. They knew each other for 11 years, been friends for that same amount of time, and have everything associated with best buddyism! Including being an utter annoyance to the other party at regular intervals.

Which in many cases lead to Bora physically hurting him. but mostly just threats.

DJ for TiP-Radio

Sam is also the founder/Main DJ/head honcho of TiP-Radio, a radio station dedicated for TiPsters. He spends over 10 hours every weekend dedicated to TiP-Radio as a way to get all the tipsters together in one place and play some music together, with people calling in, and such.

Super Cups of Coconuts

Sam is also in a cult of TiPsters known as the Super Cups of Coconuts which died out by his 4th year, but was a funny cult going on.

Talent Show Acts

Sam was very talented, although only a mere glimpse of his talent was shown at the TiP Talent show.

TIP-Year Song Description
2008 Thriller by Michael Jackson An amazing performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, done perfectly in the exact same style as of the famed Music Video.
2009 Thriller by Michael Jackson An amazing performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, done perfectly in the exact same style as of the famed Music Video. [1][2]
2010 Thriller by Michael Jackson

Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus

An amazing performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, done perfectly in the exact same style as of the famed Music Video.

After copious amounts of coaxing by peers, Sam was pressured into singing Party in the U.S.A. wearing Tank Tops and Booty Shorts. Pole dancing also happened.[3]

2011 by Sam Park Sang his own parody of Friday by Rebecca Black. [4] (Also, I sound terrible!)










Rolecall and Lip Sync

Sam Park is one of the (if not best) choreographers for Lip Sync. It is the result of a man who has mastered the art of Tutting, the Robot, and watched copious amounts of America's Best Dance Crew. After his 2nd year of TiP, he decided to stop dancing in the Lip-Syncs, but rather be a choreographer and director of the dances themselves.

List of acts

Year Song Description Result
2008 Rock With You by Janet Jackson This song was actually chosen by the RC, and choreographed by the RC, who admittedly wasn't very good. The dance had a Techno styled dance to it.. Which didn't fare well due to mindless repetition of the same dance moves over 4 minutes, with one person freestyling in the middle. 7th place
2009 Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis This song, chosen by Matt the RC, was choreographed by Sam, who actually knew the song, and we did a break-up scene styled dance, with cross dressing, fake slaps, and group laughs were involved. 1st Place!
2010 I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys While initially not choreographed by a stubborn Sam who didn't really like the song that much, he relented and furiously drilled them in the art of actually dancing well, heavily critiqued the dance, sat in a room for hours improving their dance, and actually re-choreographing the second half of the dance (And most of the rest of the dance too). [5] Tied for 1st Place.
2011 Nice Guys by Chester See, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu Initially getting the whole group to dance was a bad idea, and Sam threw a tantrum at the lack of professionalism, narrowing down the dance to 6 hardcore dedicated folk who danced their butts off. The dance involved another cross-dress and rolls, jumps, flips, epic choreography, acting, rapping, and synchronized group dance moves. This dance was hands down the Magnum Opus of Sam's career. 4th Place. The Judges were heavily prejudiced against the 4th years winning.

While a pathetic performance of Throw It On The Ground won, mainly because they had "props and effort", Sam gladly knew that in his heart, he had won, in his final year, and only lost to the other groups mainly because the judges (mainly OSD Lee) didn't want that 4th years group to win EVERY event at TiP, including Dawgfest, the Amazing Race, and TiP-Trivia which were all won by his RC group.

TiP-Terms Taken

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course RC Roommate(s)
2008 1st KU II Mock Trial: Civil Law J.D. Arjuna, Paxton, that creepy kid that carried a knife
2009 2nd UGA I Mock Trial: Criminal Law Colin Freddy
2010 3rd UGA II Pharmacology Matt Jacob
2011 4th UGA II The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity at UGA 2011, Term 2 Geoff Toy Chris

Sam Park with his Bad Bromance buddy Bora Gunay
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