The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity at UGA 2011, Term 2

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You may be looking for The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity UGA 2011 Term 1

The entire class posing for a picture using the Pterodactyl stance! Pterodactyl was a popular game that was played during the term frequently.


Instructor: Desi Sharpe

TA: Lauren

The Epic Tipsters

These are the brave tipsters who ventured to undertake the task of learning about the brain (And cute fuzzy wittle animals)

Rebekah Whittington- knows the true meaning of TIP

Kathy- She went go out with a bang User:XlittleXdrummerXgirl

Emily Moser- She doesn't care and eats lots of cookies.

Abby A- Laugh at Sam. Lol.

Archana&Abby Archana- The slow loris of the class. the Kansas Queen, and honorary member of the Westboro Baptist church,

Abby M- Sexy licks ice cream Archana&Abby

Chris Buehler- UGA Term 2 2010 and 2011!! He looked like a watermelon on wacky tacky day. He's in The Brain, like a boss. He has way too much caffeine. [1] ...He's a cool kid. You should hit him up. -Abby and Archana are his sisters. And they're awesome.

Jake Mowery- B.A. Ludacris impersonator who can flick a frisbee like a boss and according to Merritt needs the power of speech (Not Really).

Sam- The "Odd" Asian in the class. Known for singing annoying songs (Friday, Baby etc.). Gets laughed at, gets slapped, and enjoys every minute of it.

Stephen bingham- Sexy gulps milkshake, and he likes to pretend he's a drunk crossdressing girl.

Merritt Speagle- ...

Trenton Couture- Panda bear. He is hands down most likely to become a ninja. Wha-Cha!

Olivia baker- Does the panda dance. She has the best shoes ever.

Kiya- Best dancer, nicest narrator for mafia.

Jj- A plain 'ol criminal

Meredith Gentry- Cute and sweet and nice and the wackiest stories and grateful she isn't kidnapped at CVS Pharmacy.

Ryan lang- Ginger. 'nuff said

Erin Sole- Awkward tan lines! And best at climbing trees.

Inside Jokes

  • Stab Stab Stab- a popular mode of death in Mafia created by Sam
  • Mindcuss- a combination of the usage of the word "cuss" as a replacement for actual cuss words that was found in Fantastic Mr. Fox and the phrase "Mind blown"
  • Mom, I'm already dead!- after discovering that we are all actually dead, and that our brains travel back in time to relive the moment. This is all true.
  • Bonobos- compared to a group of chimps, when you placed a tray of food in front of a pack of Bonobos, they would immediately start having sex.
  • Don't Stop Glialing- An amazing parody of Don't Stop Believing rewritten to incorporate the research of Glial cells.

Existential Crisis

The class had a joint existential crisis after discovering we're all already dead, and that our brains traveled back in time to relive the moment. The class was on the verge of having a class field trip to see the psychological counselor.

Cute Animal Youtube Videos

We watched a series of youtube videos with cute animals in them. The following are links. Don't embed the videos here.

Invisible Octopus

Tickling Slow Lorus

Feeding Slow Lorus

Corgi Flop

Maru Cat Box

Maru Cat Collection

Battle at Kruger


As we did not know each other's names until the last day of tip (Wink), we needed continual ice breakers throughout the term, Mafia was contually played throughout the entire term, with estimated number of rounds of mafia being around 20-30. JJ was always blamed first, while Rebekah somehow always became the murderer. If Stephen made it to the second round, it would've been a miracle (He was a popular target for the Mafia).