The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity UGA 2011 Term 1

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You may be looking for The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity at UGA 2011, Term 2

Class Description

This class was an amazing class! It almost wasn't a class since most of the time it was guided discussion! Everyone sat in desks (well or on the floor... or lying on the floor) in a circle. Desi taught us then we'd talk about it. Topics ranged from thoughts to neurotransmitters to monkeys on the backs of pigs to sleeping to philosophy to just about anything! Everything's related to the brain, right? If you take this class, you'll know more about the brain than you can imagine! Oh, and be warned you will be spouting words no one besides the other "brains" will know!


Instructor- Desi Sharpe TA- Lauren DeMoss


Anna Wichmann, Angelina Lincoln, Janey Capers Newland, Jeffery Monroe, Brandon Cassel, Elizabeth Molinet, WhoRay, Kristi Piechnik, Virginia Tipps, Zeke Streetman, Caleb Hall, Jack Lindsay, Justin Elliott, Emma Lawson, and Paul Helgemo.


  • going to the creamery at break.
  • calling "the charmander" anything but his real name.
  • guys not wearing pants.
  • sitting together at lunch to discuss philosophy.
  • listening to Paul's soul.
  • blowing each other's minds.
  • playing frisbee at break.
  • playing with playdoh while talking.


  • "I'm Justin Elliott!"
  • "You dead! Can I have some skittles?"
  • "Continue to silently sniff markers at your leisure."
  • "Anything you feel compelled to do do between 4 and 5"
  • "MIND = BLOWN"
  • "Who was the pigeon stool?"
  • "Why does there have to be a 'why'?"
  • "Everyone else can see my forehead, but I can't. I feel special!"
  • "What does an ant want to do?"
  • "Personality is a dirty word!"
  • "It's better for you to have a mountain lion chase you then to have a lot of homework!"
  • "A popular way to kill rats is to cut their heads off." "It's like a trend!"
  • "Who's the selfish angel?"
  • "Penguins is NOT right."
  • "Why would you give a mad scientist money?" "Because he can make a frog float!"
  • "Let's propigate this Barbie playing."
  • "Play-doh is held together by children's happiness"
  • "You. Broke. Gwen!"
  • "Frick chicken is the most natural thing I could have said!"
  • "The world is a hologram, and you can't prove us wrong because your brain is in a jar."
  • "Do you want to kill yourself via bear?"
  • "Guess what we learned to make today..."
  • "Do you have bugs on you?"
  • "Lange also had this theory around the same time, but he's not as cute so he comes second."
  • "Next time just give the man your purse."

Quotes relating to the soul ;)

  • "Paul radiates music from his soul!"
  • "Wow, Paul. Your soul's really loud right now."
  • "Paul, I'm going to make the mafia kill you if you don't turn your soul off!"
  • "Who's soul are we going to play today?"
  • "Turn your soul off!"
  • "There are too many souls playing at once!"


Please add more to this page! Book/movie suggestion list made in class is coming at some point in time.