Merritt Speagle

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Merritt Speagle is an eagle of the beagles.(Horrible pun).

She loves to eat food. Cake, ice cream, cookies, pie, etc. and survived off of rolls and omelets her 4th year. And she's awesome. Also took Brain her 4th year in the year of 2011.

She is the most adorable person at TIP ever. She trains dogs like crazy and likes making crafts for Emily Moser and sending them to her.

When she talks it is the funniest thing ever. Became friends with the one and only Chris Buehler who by the way is awesome. Known for skipping down the hallway with Emily Moser and Rebekah Whittington, who are her best friends. Has a colorful Chicago bag, which she did NOT get in Chicago. It was actually from Missoula, Montana. She also had a Montana shirt from Chicago. Merritt is awesome and will be missed terribly.

She secretly hands out "water bottles" that look like flasks, which her dad sells on street corners. Emily Moser is known to get tipsy off of them. Water bottles, huh? We all know the truth, Merritt. <3

I just met Merritt you could say, but she is really funny from her comments on TIPChat!!!! Ross yanuck

Unless you're Trent, I love Merritt more than you. She's going to come visit me in Charlotte. She's adorable, a fourth year in 2011 at UGA, and from Hicksville, USA. Her flasks promote ideals of alcoholism TIP traditionally frowns upon,, but we love her regardless.

I never got one....

I like the water bottles that we used for Never Have I Ever on the last RC group night (date night) c:. <3 Cameron Robertson