Rebekah Whittington

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Rebekah Whittington
Campus(es) UGA Term II
Attended 2012
Course(s) Sports Medicine
RAG(s) Casey
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About Them

Rebekah is a term 2 Tipster at UGA. She is known for looking like Jamie Lynn Spears. Emily Moser and Merritt Speagle are her best friends. She is notorious for ripping Emily's pogos.


^^She is a long lost sister of Jamie Lynn Spears, as proved by the picture above

EVERYONE LOVES REBEKAH. That's why she always has 5 boyfriends. <3



During her 4th year at UGA term 2 2012 she was in Casey's RC group and performed in Lip Sync to "Ice Ice Baby". She was in Sports Med with Nalini Birbal Jocelyn Honore Jake Mealer. She is obviously stunning, There is no doubt Rebekah will walk under the arch first if not yet. She is hilarious and will randomly say facts about Reilly in the middle of class. She was also a member of extreme girl talk with Nalini Birbal Jocelyn Honore and Madeleine Clarke.