Jake Mealer

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Jake Mealer was a 1st year 2 year at UGA term 2 in 2011 and a 2nd year/ 3rd year at UGA term 2 2012. Jake took Robotics in 2011 and was in Carson's RC group.

He is known for his polite ways and for being very tall.

Jake's best friends at tip were Sahil Patel, Arjun Dundoo, Olivia Parker, Rebekah Whittington, and Grace Porter.

He was in Sport Medicine during 2012 with buddies Nalini Birbal and Jocelyn Honore. He was also in J-Dawg's RC group. Jake also went to TiProm with Jocelyn Honore.

Jake failed multiple times to become a part of extreme girl talk with Nalini Birbal Jocelyn Honore Rebekah Whittington and Madeleine Clarke.