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Nalini was a 3rd year at UGA term 2 2011. Previous campuses include ASU term 1 2010 in which she took From Wonderland to Hogwarts (aka WonderHogs). Nalini took Philosophy Of Knowledge in 2011 and had so much fun with her best friend, . She never fell asleep during class, but would not stop laughing about Noah's ark jokes. This amazing TiPster loved gummy worms, thumbtacks (inside joke), and this really cool (college) ginger kid who ate at Snelling everyday (but whose name is unknown...also inside joke). She was in Jessie's RC group with her best friends Olivia Parker and Grace Porter. Other best friend included Allie Pisula.

During ASU 2010, Nalini was in Britney's RC group. She took part in Brit's Bubbalicious Babes' Lip Sync, Pants on the Ground...and also the WonderHogs lip sync to some pirate song. Nalini was also in the 2010 talent show with Brit's Bubbalicious Babes'. They did a TIPmix of current songs.

Nalini is a amazing and fun person to be around. She knew how to work it at the dances. Nalini went to club tip with fellow third year Patrick Peoples!

Prior to her time as a third year, Nalini attended ASU Term 1 2010 for the first time, meaning she was a 1st-yr-2nd year. She was, even then, wonderful and hilarious. She was one of 17 proud Wonderhogs, sporting the number 3 in their infamous Unification Chant. During what came to be known as the Great Wonderhog Schism of First Term 2010, she sided with the noble Wonderhog conservatives rather than the radical 'Landwarts.'

Nalini's sense of humor was more than adequate to suit her two BFFs of her time at ASU. These BFFs were Mathew Harman and Ellen Sutton, both of whom were her class desk neighbors. The three shared many a laugh, about such things as the word 'scandalous' and how Mathew said it in his mock 'gay voice' (please note that Mathew is no homophobe! The voice was so-named because of its resemblance to stereotypes shown on TV). Ellen and Nalini's cackles could be heard for miles.

During her fourth year Nalini took Sports Medicine with Jocelyn Honore and Jake Mealer at UGA term 2. She is known as one of the original bunnies along with head bunny Rebekah Whittington, princess bunny Savannah McCaskill and 3rd place Jocelyn Honore. Nalini went to TIProm with Chuck Rosenbluth.

She was in Sarah's RC group with Grace Porter and Emily Damba and was roommates with Sarah Saltiel. She performed in Lip Sync to "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

She was devastated to find that her all time best friend (inside TIP and out) Olivia Parker wasn't in her RC Group for their final year. Although they were in different RC groups and classes their friendship continued as they helped each other with relationtips and shared a common bond over One Direction. Nalini loves One Direction with her favorite being Zayn. Nalini is also fortunate enough to have spent her 16th birthday at TIP with her TIP Family<3 Nalini is known for zebra outfit on character day and is loved by all.