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Olivia Parker went to UGA Term 2 in 2011. Olivia took sports med where she met her best friend Allie Pisula. She met her other best friend Sahil Patel while learning how to take blood pressure. She met her third best friend, Jake Mealer, while with Sahil. She and Jake enjoy eating Choo Choo's in the middle of the third floor hallway a being a so called "fire hazard". She was in Jessie's RC group with her other best friends Nalini Birbal and Grace Porter! She is funny and pretty and rides horses. Olivia is also one one the nicest people at Duke TIP. Olivia lives in Cumming, Georgia. She thinks that baseball has a point limit but other than that she is really smart. <3 Olivia was unfortunately pelted with swedish fish, along with her biffle Allie, by "hot" Isaac. She was on the teenage mutant ninja turtle (green) team for dawg fest. Theysadly did not win BUT they did get the prize of peanut butter which Olivia enjoyed very much. Olivia enjoys drinking Dr Pepper and eating spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick fil a so if you want to take her on a date, take her to chick fil a.

She is also an awesome driver. And although she may possibly get lost in Atlanta due to terrible direction-telling from James Youhne, she is still awesome<3. Her love for sweet tea and chik-fil-a surpasses James's love for Twinkies. Olivia has the coolest house in the world. (Except for the scorpions. Scorpions everywhere. Oh, and the sketchy mirror and the deathbed of her grandfather in the basement.) She has a mild obsession with spaghetti(o)'s. So if you want to be best friends with her, buy 3 cans of spaghetti's! Olivia, despite being super duper duper awkward, is one of the nicest and sweetest girls on this planet! She is probably one of the best texters everrrrr<33

During her fourth year she was in Inspired writing and in Casey's RC group. She is best friends with Nalini Birbal. They share many laughs and mutual love for One Direction. She also got into many fights with Chris Buehler, but they made up, many times. He was one of her best friends and they shared a love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with him. She is apart of the Cumming Trio*. She loved Justin Bieber, Dr.Pepper, One Direction, and Gagiepoo. One of the co-founders of the popular term, #TeamRheanna, although Chris Buehler deserves most (ALL) credit for this. She is a really cool girl, and is practically my sister. Just don't touch her phone. She will kill you.

Olivia Parker was a huge contributor to Inspired Writer - socially, of course. ;) She was always doing something with her best friends, Elizabeth Hitti and Joia Herbert to gain Rhea's disapproval. This ranged from swinging her lanyard around (and hurting herself - a lot.) to constant investigation regarding #TeamRheanna. Olivia is known for her involvement in dropping Choo Choo's down the stairwell, thus resulting in our venture into the basement. She is also known to have fallen down several steps coming out of the MLC - what is it with her and stairs? Olivia was close friends with Mark McGuire, Jake Mealer, Chris Buehler and of course Elizabeth and Joia - who she loves with all her heart <3 Olivia is currently home schooled in a strange town called "Cumming" where she wishes that Elizabeth lived. We all miss her greatly, but she has sworn to return to UGA next year and visit her 3rd year friends - DON'T FORGET.