Elizabeth Hitti

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Elizabeth Hitti is a third year third year at Duke Talent Identification Program. She attended ASU for Mathematical Problem Solving 2010, followed by Entrepreneurial Leadership at Texas A&M 2011 and finally, she took Inspired Writer at UGA 2012.

Elizabeth Hitti spent her third year at UGA Term 2. Previous campuses include Texas A&M. Elizabeth took Inspired Writers where she met her best friends Joia Herbert Olivia Parker. Everyone knew Elizabeth, mostly because of her british accent but also because she is very outgoing. Elizabeth is known for knowing every single lyric to every song. Elizabeth resides in Cambridge, England.

She is also the funniest girl to be around with. Especially when you bug her in the morning to go to breakfast. Hoohoo. Because of her British-ness, she was able to participate in various British social activities such as "Tea time" with fellow Tipster James Youhne. It took place in the nortorious Bolton cafeteria. These tea times would consist of intellectual chatter involving complex theorems of life. Various tea flavors would be used such as chamomile, green mint, and her personal favorite: Chocolate Hazelnut Tea. (still gross).

She should also be credited to creating most of her RC group's lip synching group at UGA term II song "Its Raining Men". Although her team did not place, it was one of the most rehearsed lip synch performances. Her, along with Anthony G led the introduction of their yellow team during the 2012 Dawgfest at Term II.

Her British accent was practically un-decipherable to the average human being. It required years of dry sarcasm training to understand her.