The Cumming Trio

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By far the sexiest Trio to have ever gone to the Duke TiP Program. The Cumming Trio consists of:

James Youhne (4th year)

Olivia Parker (4th year)

Chris Buehler (4th year)

The Trio was established after Term II @ UGA 2012.

The Creation

The creation of The Cumming Trio began in multiple places. To truly understand the miracle that took place, one must understand each beginning.

Chris Buehler-

Chris Buehler was a sophomore at a highschool in Georgia. Although he was aware that James Youhne also attended this high school, he was not aware that James was a TiPster. (See James' Story). After a provocative picture of James at TiP at a different campus popped up in January on facebook, Chris realized that he was a TiPster. With this new-found knowledge, Chris immediately contacted James and informed him of this new discovery. Not known to James, Chris was already close friends with Olivia Parker, who also attended UGA Term 2 with Chris for the past few years.

Olivia Parker-

Olivia was already friends with Chris Buehler before she met James Youhne. She had become friends with Chris at UGA during previous terms, and they kept in touch frequently. Olivia did not meet James until TiP actually began. Halfway through the first week, James discovered that he had an unusual amount of mutual friends with Olivia on Facebook. It was then that they realized that not only did they have similar friends, but she also lived in the same town as him.

James Youhne-

James, after his amazing first year/third year at TiP, was not aware of a lot of TiPsters that lived near him. It wasn't until he received a facebook message from Chris Buehler that he realized that a TiPster had been attending the same school under his nose the whole time. Chris and James stayed in touch until TiP began. Once TiP began, James discovered another fellow Georgian lived in the same town. She lives 3 minutes away from him. (See Olivia's story).

The Name

Before you go giggling about the seemingly dirty name of the trio, read this first!

Cumming is the name of the city that they all preside in

Contrary to popular belief, Cumming is name of a city in Northern Georgia. If you are still doubtful of this ridiculous name, feel free to look it up on Google. Cumming has a Wikipage and everything :). The name caught on throughout the term.

The Trio is a true blessing. All three of them live less than 10 minutes from each other. Although all three are academically talented and are taking AP and IB Classes, they have the opportunity to get together and hang out.

If you are close to Tipster(s), consider yourself lucky! And always remember, TiP is Love <3