Chris Buehler

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UGA Term 2 2010 and 2011!! He looked like a watermelon on wacky tacky day. Was one of the few Lax Bros of UGA Term II. He's in The Brain, like a boss. He has way too much caffeine. [1] ...He's a cool kid. You should hit him up. -Abby and Archana are his sisters. And they're awesome.


He is currently in a relationtip with Emily Moser<3 as of his 3rd year at TIP. He distracted Merritt Speagle during her 4th year speech with his tears. He is amazing at frisbee, enjoys eating hair,poking people in the side even when they spazz out and elbow him, and tries peer pressuring his caffeine addiction onto other people. But he is also the funniest and sweetest person you will ever meet. =) Emma loves Chris<3

He is in the Wolfpack, he is a nerd for life, and he is my bestfriend. Chris, I don't give a shit what people say about you or to you,you are my buddy.

He has been in Stephen Bingham's RC group the last two years and had a BrolationtTIP with him

Chris spent his fourth year at UGA taking Philosophy of Knowledge. He was one of the co-founders of the popular term #TeamRheanna, although Olivia Parker deserves most of the credit for making this term a common phrase used by many Tipsters. It is taken from the names of his TA, Rhea, and the Inspired Writer's teacher, Anna. He spent most of his days fighting with Olivia Parker, they are practically siblings and she is definitely one of his best friends. They share a unique love-hate relationship that often times confuses others. He is a part of the Cumming Trio (a group of tipsters who all reside in Cumming, Georgia). This Trio makes all the other tipsters jealous with the fact they live less than 5 minutes from each other. Chris is probably one of the most awkward people you will ever meet, but people tend to love him anyway.

UGA 2015 Chris made his incredible return to TiP as a RC! During Term 2 he had a group of misfits led by, another Chris and Sung. They were known to keep his sanity as well as order in his group. Although not one to pick favorites, everybody knew that those two were his favorites. He was in a Relationtip with another RC, Camille, affectionately referred to as Chramille.