Chuck Rosenbluth

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Chuck's a 4th year/4th year tipster.

His first year he attended App State and studied Psychology. Sadly he does not recall any of the fond times he had, but he does remember a few people he met.

He went to UGA Term 2 during his next 3 years.

During his second year he was in Philosophy of Knowledge. He was in M-Nasty's RC group and performed in Lip Sync to "Never Gonna Give You Up". He also rapped in the Talent Show with RC Blaze. His roommate was Henry Saussy. He performed to a decent extent in Frisbee.

Third year he was in the best class ever Sports Med with Nalini Birbal and Jake Mealer. He was also in Kevin's RC group and his roommate was Alex Coopersmith. He met the best of friends in Kevin's RC group in Coopersmith,Andrew Mull,Gage Blackwell,Joey Dierkes, Michael Xu, and Evan Gambill. You could always find Chuck playing Basketball outside during Free Time. He also was infamous for singing in the shower every day and night. He also had an amazing diving out of bounds touchdown that year in Ultimate that can only simply be known as "The Catch". Chuck went to TIProm with Nalini Birbal.

He was a member of Brick Squad during his 4th Year. He was roommates with the creator of Brick Squad, Duncan McManus. He took Creative writing his 4th year. Him and Duncan could always be seen walking to Breakfast right when the classes would leave. Chuck and Duncan were fans of all different types of music, but could always be heard playing EDM/Dubstep. Also this year you could find him playing Basketball/Ultimate during free time. Chuck participated in his RC's groups lip-sync performance of Any Way You Want It and also performed with The Backdorm Boys in Don't want you back. His RC group received 1st place for Any Way You Want It. Chuck was on the Blue team for Dawgfest. Sadly that year he couldn't lead his team to a 1st place win in Ultimate but he did try his hardest. His team tied for 1st in Dawgfest. He also delivered one of the most awkward/funny 4th year speeches ever, seeing as it made people laugh more then cry. There are many things Chuck can be remembered for as a Tipster but he will remain most likely the only Tipster ever to walk the UGA Campus that would try every day to intentionally give himself Bolton Thunder. It wasn't even good.