Evan Gambill

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Evan Gambill
Name Evan Gambill
Residence Georgia
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Evan is a third year fourth year whose TIP career (as a TIPster, anyway) lasted from 2012 - 2014. In all those three years, he went to UGA Term 2 and loved every second of it.


Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 2nd UGA II Robotics Myers Hall Kevin Ryan
2013 3rd UGA II Cryptography Myers Hall Stephen B. Kyle McKean
2014 4th UGA II Inspired Writer Myers Hall Tim M. Andrew Mull

Pre-TIP History

Evan lived a majority of his childhood in Georgia, except for that one time in Wisconsin. He's not really sure what that was all about.

TIP History

Evan was introduced to the Duke TIP summer thing during his 7th grade year. As soon as he heard about the program, he went out and hurriedly took the SAT. He signed up for a class over the summer, but it was too late. Evan was stuck on the dreaded waitlist.

He was finally accepted into a TIP summer studies program during the summer of his 8th - 9th grade years. UGA was the campus of choice. At first, he was kind of reclusive. As both an only child and introvert who didn't really understand TIP, so he stayed in his room often. Only near the end of the second week did he finally get it and open up and had an awesome time. Because of this sudden epiphany, he only really felt the "TIP Magic" for a small fraction of the time that year. Many tears were shed because of that.

In his first year, he took Robotics and enjoyed it.

Fun Facts

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  • Would gladly choose a goat over a car
  • Fan of eyebrow and ear wiggling
  • Mildly psychic (apparently)
  • He has a tooth completely made out of iron. He grew it himself.
  • Plays guitar, sings, and (soon) piano!
  • Can solve a rubik's cube.