Mathew Harman

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Mathew Harman is probably the greatest person you'll ever meet. His campuses include ASU Term 1 in 2009 and 2010 and UGA Term 1 in 2011. Mathew if freaking HILARIOUS, super nice, and an overall chill person. He always knows how to cheer you and constantly makes you ROFL...not LOL...but ROFL in any situation.

At ASU Term 1 2010, Mathew took part in the super-mega-awesome class, From Wonderland to Hogwarts aka WONDERHOGS! The Wonderhogs were THE FIRST CLASS to come up with a call or Unification Chant in which Mathew was number NIIIIIIINE. Others partly said or screamed their number, but being his super fly self...Mathew would say his number is the comical, James-Bondish-low-toned "niiiiine"...he really brought the ladies to the yard with that voice.

Mathew's best friend at ASU Term 1 2010 was (and still is) Nalini Birbal. Other friends included Ramal Harris and Ellen Sutton. During class, Mathew and his awesome sauce friends would talk and laugh 24/7. His most famous line was "SCANDALOUS" during a game of Mad Libs and has been recorded re-saying or (re-gaying;) his word in a hilarious video which is on facebook (posted by Nalini).

During UGA term 1 2011, Mathew was in Carson's RC group. He is famous for leaving a hidden message in his dorm drawer to of course his best friend, Nalini, who was to go to UGA during term 2. This truly shows how amazing of a person Mathew is.