Emily Damba

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The nicest person who has ever existed. Period. Who could disagree with this fact? She is by far one of the nicest people to have gone to TiP. Known for her cheerful personality, she treated everyone with kindness and respect. She's also super awesome at Karate, which is awesome. She can kick your butt and still look super pretty! Emily is an awesome friend. If you had a chance to meet Emily, you would instantly click with her because she was very friendly!.

She is a huge fan of the song Glad You Came by The Wanted, which was performed by Joe's RC Group at the UGA Term II Lip-synch. Emily loves Pop-tarts. Like James Youhne.

She has gone to TIP all four years from 2009-2012. She went to ASU in 2009, and UGA from 2010-2012. She has taken Science on the Appalachian Trail, The Brain (Intelligence and Creativity), Robotics, and Sports Med.

During her fourth year she was in Sarah's RC group with Nalini Birbal and performed in Lip Sync to "Hit Me Baby One More Time". She was also in a relationTiP with Raj Kashyap. Aka Ramily. (Stud).

She was also in the best class ever Sports Med with Nalini Birbal, Jocelyn Honore, Hannah Cole, and Madeleine Clarke.