Jocelyn Honore

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Jocelyn Honore is a gorgeous 2nd year-3rd year from Texas.

She attended UGA term 2 in 2011 and 2012.

She roomed with Andrea Gardner her 2nd year, and Clara sparkman her 3rd year. Both years her roommate was a perfect fit, and they spent the entire term best friends.

As a first year/ second year she took the class Zombies and Vampires with her future roommate Clara sparkman.

During her 2nd/3rd year, she was in Sports Medicine with one of her best friends Nalini Birbal. Jocelyn was also a part of extreme girl talk at Summitt along with Nalini Birbal, Madeleine Clarke, and Rebekah Whittington. Known for her bunny personality, Jocelyn is smoking hot and is for sure going to walk under the arch soon(; She went to Club TiP with Reese and TiProm with Jake Mealer. At the dances she is famous for pulling out "The Jocelyn" sway. It's hot don't worry.

In 2011 she was in Emily's RC group. In 2012 she was in Ray-Kelle's RC group and performed to come in 2nd in the Lip Sync with "Tonight Tonight"

And she better come back to Term 2 2013!