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Clara Sparkman is one of the few girls who's funny, confident, and pretty...and can dance. She isn't the stereotypical high school girl, but that's what makes her amazing. You will be lucky to have her in your life. I wonder if you know how much I miss you.

Clara sparkman
Campus(es) ASU, UGA
Attended 2010 - 2013
Course(s) Science on the Appalachian Trail, Zombies and Vampires, Robotics
RAG(s) Natalie, Ashley, Rae-Kelle
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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First Year

Clara very reluctantly attended ASU term 2 for the first time in 2010. Upon her arrival she had an entire escape plan in mind so she would not have to stay away from home for more than a few days. However after the first week, her thoughts completely changed. She made many good friends such as her amazing roommate Bia Diaz and other friends Zack Leitz, Dalton Ricker and Brianna. She had an awesome time in her class, Science on the Appalachian Trail, where her teacher told the class dozens of highly entertaining stories about bugs and stab wounds. She spent a lot of time with her RC Group during her free time. Their favourite activity was throwing dance parties in random peoples rooms and blasting forigen bollywood music. She also spent some free time practicing ultimate frisbee and despite her obvious lack of skill for the sport, was invited to play in the Staff vs. Students game by several people. Her RC group credited her with being possibly loudest person at ASU and gave her the supurlative of 'most likely to annoy people with her canadian accent'. She also carried around her lady bug pillowpet named Francisco Alejandro, who became well known around the campus. In her class she was best known for having a very controlling and judgmental attitude, which her teacher called her on several times.

Second Year

For Clara's second year, she moved to the UGA campus in order to remain in contact with her third year friends. She went to term 2 along with her sister Callie Sparkman and (also along with her sister) was forced into the class Zombies and Vampires. Although she went into the term with negative expectations, she quickly learned to love the course and make amazing friends including Marianna Hagler, Hailey, Jacob Schaffer, Patrick Peoples and Jocelyn Honore. Even though she loved the people in her class, about half way through the term she got the campus counsler called into the class for giving out several nicknames, the worst being Jakey Cakes. Outside of class, Clara spent very little time around her own RC group. She prefered to be around Cody's RC group which included several of her friends including Patrick Peoples, Cory Stine, Justin Kain and Mack Karant. No matter where she went, she always carried her pink yo-yo (which broke half way through the term) and her pillow pet, Francisco Juan Alejandro the Fourth. Her favourite evening activities were capture the flag and Mafia.

Third Year

For her third year, Clara returned to UGA for term 2. Unlike both previous years, Clara was extremely excited for the term right from the beginning. She took Robotics with Cory Stine, her boyfriend from the summer before. She went into the course with absolutely no robotics expirence...and it showed. Her first robot (nicknamed Jankbot) could barely function. Throughout the term she built at least 5 more robots, nicknamed Spazzbot, Strokebot, Superbot and Swagbot. Her robotics partners included Bryson, Angel, Charlie, Evan and Cory. Each robot had to be rebuilt several times due to lack of attention on Claras part. She made many friends in the class including her adoptive daughter Maggie Redding and her extremely tall friend Garrett Botkin. During her free time, she hung out with her group of friends on the third floor hallway. Over the course of the term, Clara became great friends with her awesome roommate Jocelyn Honore. They were voted cutest couple and won third place in The Roommate Game (TIP Gameshow night).