Ross yanuck

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Ross yanuck
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Campus(es) 1st Kansas, 2nd 3rd 4th UGA
Attended 2008-2011
Course(s) Intro To Med Sci., Robotics, Brain Intelligence and Creativity, and Team Programming
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He is Jewish....What much is there to say.

Well his first year of TIP at Kansas Term II,he was in Intro To Medical Science. He ruled the quote wall. He made up a creature called the Scaradactal, and when he put on his special cape, he became Scaradactalman and could fly (ate SPAM). King of ERS. Shout out to Team America at Swampfest!

His second year, he was in Robotics. He went to UGA Term II(Best choice ever). From a kid whoes named William Doran Flynn, a lot of pain was done to his man parts. He also performed Never Gonna Give You Up for the talent show and got a standing ovation. He met some of the best people ever. He played a game in his RC (Steven) room called Death Jam and was the best. There were lines of people trying to beat him.

His third year, he had a crush on a girl named Judith carlisle and met some very nice people on his way to recovery EMMA COOLEY IS THE BEST PERSON EVER.He also likes talking to Leta Branham, but then again who doesn't because she is a pretty terrific person. Olivia Baker is also a very cool kid. She's got swagg. He also participated in I'm on a boat. His shoes(Air Speeds) were the cheeper cousins of Manny Walton's(Air Force Ones).

His fourth and final year, he turned gay. Sadly): lol jk Rossypoo ily. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH LINGO! I gave him all my pennies I found while cleaning my room<3 tied for my favorite jew with Teddy. I love you Ross. He also ran into a pole after the first dance, almost got run over by a car, and got smashed in the face by a door.

You can say many things about this kid, but he always tries to find the positive in everything including getting his nuts and heart blown to pieces. If you were ever in the same camp as this kid, you would have heard about him cause hes such a badass woof woof.

Ross was also the great Jas rempalas roomate and there are rumors that Jas trained him in being a badass (Which are not true, because Ross already was). They taught each other various badass ways.

Whats a propeller? I love Ross he is so cool

What a rossome guy.

Volume Control App

How To Break A Suitcase

Facebook Link - [1]

Overall, his best friends were Meg Rusconi-Warner and Mark McGuire :). -Ross Yanuck


P.S. Ross got his wisdom teeth removed and he will never be ok again....