How To Break A Suitcase

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This is how the story started. Ross yanuck's third year, for the talent show, he did I'm on a boat, and was in Sarah Saltiel's suitcase.

Fourth year comes around, and the original idea for him and Richard Andrew Dreelin's talent was going to be Ross in a suitcase, and Andrew telling jokes. They went to go try out Leta's suitcase, which was brand new and was humungous, so an easy task for Ross to fit into. So they get the suicase, put Ross in it, and then decide to roll him around a little bit to see if the suitcase can withstand the weight. So Ross is in the suitcase and waiting for them to unzip it, but they don't and he can tell that they have been going pretty far from where they started. The next thing he knows, the suitcase is being unzipped AS IT IS FALLING DOWN THE STAIRCASE!

The End.

1. Open a suitcase 2. Put a Ross in that suitcase 3. Throw the suitcase down some stairs, AND THAT'S THE WAY YOU DO IT. IT'S MY ROSS IN A BOX!